Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lionel De Souza surfaces!

Wow, I didn't have to wait long at all for Lionel De Souza to present himself in his usual apple polishing ways.

I am interested in him because he filed the police report over Amy Cheong's terrible facebook fiasco. I was telling wifey that I recognize that name because he was such a stand out flatterer in the ministers and MPs facebook pages.

Lionel de Souza latest, "With you, Mr Yeo at the helm of Kerry, this slogan holds true"

Lately this bootlicker has done less than nothing for racial harmony.

Now let me see, I might have an earlier entry on Mr. De Souza. Yes, it was posted in May: PAP Apple Polishers


  1. If you were to google his name, you will know he's no angel. infact exactly the opposite especially in his younger days.
    How did he ended up in charge of racial harmony in the first place? It's almost like getting a fox to watch over the chicken coop

  2. Lionel de Souza-the best friend of PAP and NTUC,personal friend of Mr Desmond Choo.