Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grown to three Galaxy S3

We have grown from one Galaxy S3 to three yesterday.

I traded in the kids' Galaxy W ($180) for the Galaxy S3 ($760) at a shop in Suntec.

I am getting better at dealing with these guys who are often no better than used car salesmen. Otherwise I would have to settle at $160 for the Ws.

The kids are understandably excited about their new toys, so soon after the finals. The over protective screen protector ($2) I got off eBay should arrive by Monday.

The street shops are sitting on a time bomb. Online shopping will be putting them under a lot of pressure. If you don't mind the wait, so much stuff can be bought off eBay from China and Hong Kong at a fraction of our street prices. I have gotten all the phone cases from eBay. They are 80 to 90% cheaper.

The S3 is a marvel and very delightful device. Imagine this in the end would just be another notable product in the evolution of handheld tech. What else is waiting to be invented?

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