Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dr Richard Teo talk to dental students

I thought I saw an article on the late Dr. Richard Teo on the papers yesterday but had skipped it.

When Tan Chuan Jin put this up on facebook, I decided to read it. Afterward I emailed it to my brother for my niece in Med school.

Dr. Teo learnt his lesson the hardest way. There were many who preceded him and lots more will follow him. Some like him warned others of the folly of following his example. He has must have saved some. This is a message that will always need to be repeated.

I think this would be helpful to my niece because Dr. Teo was talking about doctoring. Yes, it also remind me of the GP we go to too. Over the years he had seemed more and more distant. I think he is tired of being a doctor. On the other hand it warmed my heart the radio oncologist my mom had and the caring doctors who had attended to my dad at SGH ICU.

Update: October 26

The YouTube version: see

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