Saturday, October 13, 2012

Damn the LTA

I am certainly no fan of the LTA. They have way more screw ups than success. Are they waiting for more kids to die outside Sembawang Primary School before they do something meaningful? This reminds me of the dangerously fatal stretch along Upper Thomson Rd near the church.

I am confining myself narrowly here. It would take many pages to list their shortfall and poor performance. I don't envy Min. Liu inheriting this mess from the feckless Raymond Lim.

Time we make them own the outcomes instead of just following some stupid book to absolve themselves from blame.

I know in the end it wouldn't be just LTA that is at fault. Government cock ups usually happen when multiple agencies need to work together to achieve a good outcome.

Update: October 24, 2012

14 days later the MP raised a hue and cry albeit politely.

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