Monday, October 8, 2012

Amy Cheong keeps popping up in my news feed

News on Amy Cheong (a ruckus resulted from her insults of a Malay wedding, she claimed had been unbearable).

Before I left for dinner, I received news that NTUC had fired her. Now after dinner, I find my Facebook news feed over punctuated with items about her. Here one after another is about her.

LSS had weighed in. Shortly Tharman had also recorded his grave disapproval. Shamugam was more insightful, referring to a speech he made almost a decade ago that we are living with deep racial and religious fault lines. Now the PM has added to the conversation with "shocked to hear about this", "the comments were just wrong and totally unacceptable"

Amy Cheong had apologized over and over again. I think we ought to give her another chance.

Facebook has time and again show how careless and lacking in self control many of us are. Amy Cheong isn't the first and I am sure would not be the last.

The less confident will now see Facebook as a minefield. You can come and read but it is better not to post anything, may be just the opportunistic, "happy birthday so and so!"

Going forward, we shall see if the fear meter rises on Facebook.

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