Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where is Xi Jinping?

How to trust the Chinese to engage the world and build confidence with the rest of us if they are so secretive?

Hide and Seek are for kids, but this is China and such behavior is consistent with its long history.

I am watching if there will be a China discount or people are just in denial especially foreigners.

Lots of speculation, some would be correct but we don't know which one. Those who are in the loop, their lips are sealed.

China's rise is not inevitable. The more confident they are of their ascendancy, the greater the risk they will meet with a big fall.

Hard to take long term bets on China. Never put all your eggs there because unknowable risk is part of the system.


  1. XJP is just doing a similar Clint's stunt -- the 'invisibleobama"

  2. My opinion is that the present Chinese president Hu Jintao will be taking a series of very firm actions against the Japanese government for going ahead with the purchase of the Diaoyu Islands (known by the Japanese as Senkaku Islands).

    The Chinese press had reported China will not give up an inch of the disputed islands and judging from the complete absence of president-to-be Xi Jinping, whatever action against the Japanese government will be purely the action of the current Chinese president. This is as it should be, without a waiting to be around to give rise to hopes of possible ways out.

    There is already a press report that Japanese cars meant for the Chinese market had been affected.

    All those comments on domestic politics "wayang" by Western China "experts" and online views of local residents in China are all off the mark. For those residing in Tokyo, Japan, observe the lights burning bright in the Gaimusho ministry in Tokyo right till the morning.

    I personally fear that the current Japanese government will collapse under Chinese psychology warfare, to be followed with very measured concrete measures to be ratcheted into a crescendo, until the Chinese government is satisfied.

    If ever there is a perfect act of "sha ji xia hou", the Japanese government, led by a super stupid Japanese prime minister who was egged on by Ishihara-san, that ultra nationalist Tokyo governor, will be the slaughtered chickens for monkeys to observe, in the unfolding drama.

    This incident caused by the Japanese is not a laughing matter. If Japanese stupidities do not stop, serious harm will befall all of us in Asia and beyond.

    The Chinese leadership cannot afford to look like weaklings in this issue which was purely created by Japanese politicians out to look like winners in a domestic politics tangle caused purely by themselves.

    If these Japanese idiots are prepared to commit hara kiri and collectively disembowel themselves for their own stupidities, fine. Otherwise, Japan and Japanese must be prepared to go to war with China.

    For those of you who are either long or short in Japanese, Chinese and whatever kinds of shares/investment, be warned.

  3. 时事评论员林和立向本台表示,均不可信。他引述消息人士指出,习近平是对十八大之后的七名政治局常委人选不满,因为当中有三人是胡锦涛总书记的亲信与团派人马,即李克强、李源潮与汪洋,而他领导的太子党虽然同样有三席,即习本人加王岐山与俞正声,但后二人年纪不轻,可能只能干一届。另一不满是胡锦涛不愿裸退,会留任军委主席至少两年,仿效江泽民当年的垂帘听政,故此借病不见客和不出席重要会议,以示「抗议」。


  4. ESM Goh C T has not been briefed properly by ISD.

  5. Accompanying the opacity, uncertainty and increasing cynicism, however, there is also optimism about future possibilities.
    "There is a surge in profound intellectual thought that is like the end of the 1970s and beginning of 1980s," Mr Chen said, recalling the dawn of what many believe was China's most vibrant era.

    Conspiracy theories as China's heir disappears