Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paralympics: Govt and People have different values

I am so proud of Laurentia Tan. I know I shall be back on this page just to look at her again. She is totally not self conscious of her disabilities, which makes her exceptionally beautiful. She calls us to see beyond the superficial.

On Facebook, I am also reminded that the people and the leaders of this country have different values. I only hope the separation is not as large as I am feeling viscerally. Either they come over to our side or they must figure a way to bring us over to theirs failing which I see difficult times ahead for this small island.

The Straits Times

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ST Forum: Straits Times reader Liew Kai Khiun was disappointed to learn that Paralympics medal-winner Laurentia Tan received just $50,000 from the Singapore National Paralympic Council for her bronze medal win, compared with the $250,000 given for an Olympic bronze medal win.

"The very fact that Tan will be getting one-fifth of the cash reward for able-bodied Singaporean athletes reflects the lower regard for the contributions of our Paralympic representatives, even as the Government emphasises the need to build an inclusive society," Liew adds.

Read the letter here:

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  • Thamilarasan Narayanasamy We should not discriminate between Olympic winners and para Olympic winners both are great sportsman and sportswoman in their own league. Both should be given the same national glory and benefits.
    2 hours ago ·  · 14

  • Clara Siew paralympians should receive equal or more since they have to even overcome the challenges that able bodied athletes dun even face
    about an hour ago ·  · 15

  • Chengmin Wang Garmen said one thing but do something else. Is the paralympics gold medals contain less gold than the able body Olympic gold medal? Obviously not but why the reward is 1/5? Where is the logic?
    about an hour ago ·  · 6

  • Trina Liu She works just as hard as a sportswoman. Hope this will be reviewed. She got a silver and a bronze and done Singapore proud. Well done!
    about an hour ago ·  · 13

  • Hazel Tay is still an Olympics event thou is diff of non handicapped n handicap. Means the Council looks down on paralympics event n hold Olypmics in a more highest regard?
    about an hour ago ·  · 8
  • Lg Tong Double standard of the sports council!!!!!! Shame on u
    about an hour ago ·  · 12
  • Miranda Tham Yea why the double standards, in the eyes of Singaporeans, the Paralympics medals worth much more! It's won by our own pp
    about an hour ago ·  · 11

  • Eddie Ng Why didn't our President tt attend this Paralympic for the handicap ( who are all truly Singaporeans ) . Instead he spent so many days in London supporting the foreign imported players and forgot our own Singaporeans handicap sportsmen & women - who rightly deserve the yattention and reward for bringing GLORY to Singapore. WHAT DO YOU THINK - we should do to ask him to ensure our Equestrian rider Laurentia Tan get a bigger reward for winning the bronze medal for Singapore.
    about an hour ago ·  · 7

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  1. I am truly proud of her, thrice more than the tennis players we paid for!
    Despite being labeled as "Hopeless" by MCYS, she went on to prove that she's giving Singaporeans lots more hope for her fighting spirit to overcome all her difficult challenges in such young age.
    I don't expect the President to be there to personally cheer her at the on-site event, but at least some words of congratulations would be very appropriate. But perhaps our elitist President is still floating on his cloud nine for attaining a seat on the NobelFoundation. He hasn't quite come down to earth to meet the peasant yet.
    And that press - TNP - where's their headline that scream "Dis-abled Is The Way!?""
    Oh, and one last thing. India paid the exact same prize money to its Olympian winners as they do, to their paralympic winners.
    Enough said..