Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My impression of F1 here

I was chagrined by ST one-sided view of the F1. All upside and no downside. Nothing man made is so wise that is all positives and no negatives.

Well they think the pluses negate the minuses to the extent that you can drop mention of the undesirable consequences?

I will wait to see if anyone would propose the negative secondary effects. Look deeper and you will always find them e.g., prostitution.

At least the ST is not thick skinned enough to omit the quotes.

I could have picked from countless pics but George Yeo provided one of the more interesting ones.

F1 brings global elites to our shores. They will go back with a very good impression. If we can get them to think about us, some will eventually do things with us. This is positive. A possible negative is secretive film crews coming here to make more pornographic movies. Well you open the window for the bees, you also cannot stop the flies and the damn cockroaches.

This came from the latest issue of the Economist. I noticed in the ST article the Japanese were not a big presence in our F1 event. Concomitantly, Japanese society is the furthest along in losing their love affair with wheels.

Perhaps the next five years will be the final tie up with F1 as the global infatuation with the automobile wane and they become a transport utility. What would succeed the sexual need now met by the car? There is a huge economic opportunity there but not one I am keen on. My wish is not to see a less able government telling us we have no choice and has to buy into such options.

Meanwhile roll the red carpet for the driverless car. I am really looking forward to that. It will markedly improve our quality of life.

My guess is that we can probably accept the negative secondary effects from F1. It should be temporary. My worry are the longer lasting tertiary effects, which is hard to pin down and potentially insidious, e.g., the erosion of our values including those that had taken us here.

Five more years and afterward I hope no more F1 here.

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  1. Well, something always comes up with two thing, good and bad, including F1. I envy your country can have F1.