Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lawrence Wong: Yet another out of touch minister

Thank you Tony Pang for doing the talking for me! Exactly my sentiments.

I am just very tired with this government. I didn't care to read what Lawrence Wong had posted to his page that had sparked all these discussions.

I was curious when Andrew Loh wrote a commentary for Yahoo. Then I got interested and read more.

Tony Pang is right that we are not stupid. In fact we might be among the smartest of  smartest electorates. The only ones that cannot be bribed, who do not believe in such a thing as a free lunch. Countless nations have suffered and some have come to grief because they took the poison bait.

How do I assess my leaders' hearts? I explained it at dinner tonight to my family. I told them I used Mother Teresa for contrast.

The good Mother when travelling was always thinking of the folks back Calcutta and the other missions she had established. She was always thinking about her nuns and those they are helping and will help. As I spoke to my family, my mind were flashing F1 where more than a handful of our leaders were present. You think they were thinking about us? At best they were lobbying and furthering Singapore's national interests. Singapore as a macro idea and concept not as as breathing flesh and blood people. They are always thinking of making trade offs. There is no room for faith. Only managers think of trade offs. Leaders are unreasonable and always figuring out unconventional solutions. Only managers protect sacred cows but great leaders slaughter them to feed the army standing in the way of progress. Managers calling themselves leaders cause my eyes to roll.

Leaders galvanize a people to get to a better place which they would otherwise not go. That is how we got here. Can they do this? Today they don't even know how to explain themselves properly. They stupidly pawn the trust away and now they can't afford to buy it back.

Dissonance screams from our "leaders" talk and walk; thought and talk. How to trust them? But we have no choice. So we struggle to make do we them for now. We raise the bar for them and they throw tantrums like kids. That's why I have ignored Lawrence Wong diatribe until other writers have helped me along with how I am feeling and thinking about this.


  1. The smart Sporeans know that real leaders do not hide in a GRC system and it is no exaggeration when I say they despise PAP buggers like Lawrence Wong, Teo Ser Luck, Sim Ann, etc....etc, who have yet to prove themselves, yet to earn the trust.
    And so far they seem to talk the most but in truth, sound hopeless.

  2. All the stupid arguments put forward by the PAP, especially the newbies, for almost everything makes you wonder how they sell the country on the economic front.

    Either our competition does not even come vaguely close, we are extremely good liars, we are "bribing" organisations to come in, or the biznessmen who buy the govt's arguments are gullible fools. As the last is highly unlikely, that leaves the other three possibilities.