Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dismal response at Our SG Conversation

This facebook page was created on August 7. Almost a month later counting me as well, it had managed only 724 likes. Something like this even 7240 likes is too few.

The folks in charge need to work much harder, but how would they go about it? Why bother to like here when you can just go and like the PM's page?

These guys have a steep learning curve about social media. Keep trying.

Myself, I don't foresee any contribution to the conversation. I am there to watch only. It is more meaningful to write about it for myself here.

The moment the government said no sacred cows would be spared and put a new minister in charge of this Conversation, I know they are not serious. A rookie minister has no decision power over sacred cows. This whole exercise which had always come on the heels of a recent GE is all about training new ministers. This is a learning journey for them and we are providing them that lesson. It is more about them than us.

No sacred cows will be slaughtered. The real conversation is GE 2016. Participate at OurSGConversation if you have nothing better to do, which seems to the reaction of most people going by fewer than 800 likes thus far. But if you count those like me who are here just to watch, the number of conversationalists could very well be really small.

Update: The result of across the board government and PAP promoting the 18 hours since I checked. Grew from 724 to 1252 likes. They still need to work very hard because this won't be going viral.


  1. "A rookie minister has no decision power over sacred cows."

    do you really think a rookie minister (or any minister) alone will make a decision on the sacred cows? do you really think that he is empowered to do so? gee, don't you think you are unrealistic?

  2. Hi, thanks for reporting on this. Can I have your permission to publish this on TRE? Thank you!