Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday card from my daughter

A birthday card timed just past midnight. I saw it on my iPad last night but since Steve Jobs insisted it must not play Adobe Flash files, I only get to view the card this morning on my Notebook. Ah, if I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2, that would be different. Hint, hint, hint :)

I see, revising Chemistry is her birthday gift. LOL. The reason is she studies so little otherwise. Going all out for exams excellence is easier than striking a good balance. Top grades are not the be all and end all. The purpose of education is freedom. Ignorance would invite bullying especially from the government. Often people don't even know this is happening. It only becomes obvious when it is too late, i.e., when they are powerless to right the situation peacefully. But there are early warning signs when government repeatedly under perform. When the exercise is complete, they will consistently under perform as in the Philippines and the too many nations to list here.

To my children: Political freedom is not as important as economic freedom, i.e, a job or as an entrepreneur. But up to a point there can be no economic freedom without political freedom. The most important knowledge are the ones stuffed with lies and errors that you have to clear away e.g., Economics, Investing and Business. Those untruths if mistaken as truths will keep you a prisoner unaware until the day of execution. Nassim Taleb called it the Thanksgiving Turkey which until the day before the slaughter thought it was very well cared for. That was how so many purportedly well educated people were scammed with timed to fail financial products. You have to figure it out and find wise mentors like Sun Pin had. All these make life very exciting. Never be bored and but always remain patient. There is a sweet spot in the tug of war which you must find on your own. Test everything including your parents' notions. Learn what Jesus was up to in the Gospels. Get to know him because He lives.

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