Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bad idea: Herman Millers for civil servants

Good idea: Sumiko wrote a good article on the politics of chairs.

Bad idea: The government continues to buy Herman Millers for civil servants.

Sumiko is right about chairs. They are not just equipment to hold your butt against a table to do desk work. The symbolism is more powerful. Certainly such pricey chairs no matter how durable aren't helpful in bolstering a servant attitude. Now I wonder how many civil service departments are asking and getting Herman Miller because other departments got theirs. "Not fair if I don't have one", they cried.

Fact of life: Your personal posture habits are for more significant than the chair you use. Sitting for long hours at a stretch without a break is a terrible idea anyway. People are better off drinking lots of the water in the office (good hydration) and getting off their chairs taking more toilet breaks

Herman Miller chairs do not perform the function of car or airplane seats. It was a marketing coup for the company that has become so successful selling them. I expect our government to be smarter and not be conned.

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