Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Message from Michelle Obama at the DNC

I received a call earlier to watch Michelle Obama speaking at the Democratic National Convention. I couldn't as I was in the middle of something else. Later I found this on YouTube. What would we do these days without YouTube.

I think this phenomenal speech by Mom in Chief Michelle Obama will  be remembered for a very long time. What a powerful message of hope and possibility. This is the most difficult time to be President since the end of the World War.

Hear Michelle explains Barack. Hear her tell it from her life what it is to be American. They make it so simple and makes me wonder what it is to be Singaporean, which I still struggle to put my finger on. Strangely being Singaporean is like an amoeba, depending on the situation. Cannot be. We must stand for something or we will discover we stand for nothing. We have a short history but just like it takes at least three points to draw a straight line, we do not have enough points to suggest the shape of our trajectory. In essence Singapore does not have a name yet. We don't know that we are living dangerously. We become vulnerable to speeches like Michelle Obama's just gave. Perhaps near where her words fall, we shall learn more about the lodestone we seek.

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  1. Obama will win as his job is not finished yet.