Saturday, September 29, 2012

700,000 more to 6 million people

Didn't the PM say he will throttle the inflow. At current rates, we will have 6 million people here within five years. No, they cannot allow such a huge influx. You don't even need to do any calculation to know the infrastructure will not cope.

I think the population growth would have been much higher going by what several friends have told me how impossibly difficult it has become for their companies to bring in PMETs.

Singapore as become a very desirable destination since the G successfully put us on the global map. A good guess is a huge number of people which we had not seen before must be knocking on our doors to get in. After all many other cities are facing legendary problems. They lose their jobs, they want to be here.

The discussion has lost its focus on how our growth is predominantly input led than productivity directed. This is poor quality growth. We cannot keep going this way. A hiatus though painful may be what is needed for longer term and less costly growth.


  1. Hullo, govt says cannot one, to your suggestion. Only got One way to go - die die, must have more people. Then when they get old, must have some more people. So how?

    Me, I tink, must have better planners, better bosses, better managers. If got such people, then workers also perform better. Dun need so many people. Too many stories now of very poor management. Too much one way kind of tinking. So how?

  2. PM Lee : Lets take a quick poll. Hands up those of you who think we need foreigners in this country?

    (Look around .. many raised hands, >80%)

    See!! (Smiling .. feels vindicated ...)

  3. Exactly, and since so many are keen to come, we have the luxury of choosing the best, no need to willy-nilly on the quality... also the govt must gives Singaporeans the chance to reproduce more in the years to come. Furthermore tourist numbers must be counted to our infrastructure needs. Huge influx of tourists can end up as bad if we don't plan well