Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kong Hee et al were doing God's work

Well if Goldman Sach's Lloyd Blankfein can claimed that they were "doing God's work" and most Goldman staffers if they were not fired are still with the company, why shouldn't it be the same at CHC?

No, the truth is too unbearable. It is far more attractive for Kong Hee et al to rationalize that they were doing God's work even as they had broken the law. It was man's law anyway. God's law is higher and beyond man's law.

They struck the right posture in adversity. Solidarity with each other by standing together hand in hand facing the Christian trial for obeying God to go the world, be among them, love them and bring the good news (not Good News) to the non-Christians. Project CrossOver right?

I am not expecting 33,000 to turn up to support them at the subordinate courts, but I wonder if we should be surprised that there were so many supporters.

I repeat myself. They broke the law but they didn't do anything wrong because they were obeying God and called to reach the non-Christians through Project CrossOver. These supporters must be believers in the rightness of the what their pastors had done.

What is God's work like? Anything but all these. And what have Kong Hee and his comrades in crime done? I quote myself:

Anyway this is a strange world, even those who are God believers, I have watched them figured many ways to drive Him into their holy books and reappear from there sanctioning their moral travesty.

Remember the world's greatest crimes were done in the name of God. But they are never done in the character or station of Jesus Christ who was an itinerant teacher, penniless and homeless, caring for others till it hurts. Also when he was on trial, his followers fled but Kong Hee's followers stuck with him. Quite an achievement even God could not manage!

God wins by losing, not using the methods of this world. Not with Kong Hee's methods. Of course if you want to fix a successful outcome, you could never figure how losing can bring success right? And if the law abiding approach wasn't working, extra-legal ways must be entertained. That's what they had done in the name of God.

Update: Just received this blog post on CHC posted on March 29, 2010. An astute analysis of the church as a business. See
Indeed if you want to fix the outcome like I blogged earlier these strategies are effective. I repeat, God excels at winning by losing so that no man can boast. These guys use a totally different approach.


  1. An alternative view point in:
    New Nation: "Reader forgives government for maligning City Harvest Church"

    God works in mysterious ways.

  2. This is nothing new. Paul express this in Phil 1:15-18.

    A few preach out of love. Some preach for selfish ambition. To some its a good and stable job.

    But that Christ is proclaim and some come to know the Lord we rejoice.

    Mans heart is deceitful above all things. We are very creative in justifying all that we do in the name of God.

    And now its for them to face the law.

  3. Please bear in mind, Pastor Kong Hee is not God!
    He makes mistakes like other men do. You mention, "Jesus Christ who was an itinerant teacher, penniless and homeless, caring for others till it hurts". Pastor Kong Hee uses the money of God's believers on his luxurious lifestyle instead of helping more people.

    Till now, Pastor Kong Hee and his supporters are still in denial.

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  5. People make mistakes because they are not perfect. But they have to pay for the consequences. King David in the Bible also made mistakes, and one of the consequences was the death of his beloved son.

  6. I removed Hum Yee Fan Sang comment for using expletives.

  7. Very often, those who vehemently preach gods words are the ones who least believe in those words, or even the existence of god itself. The quiet sheep intently listening thus become the victims of their own insecurities.