Tuesday, June 19, 2012

K Shamugam meets Blogger Gintai

Singapore Daily http://gintai.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/my-meeting-with-minister-k-shanmugam-sc/

On 15/6/12 @11.40 am, I had a private meeting with Foreign Affairs and Law Minister Mr Shanmugam in his office. It lasted for about an hour. Only the Minister, myself and one of his trusted grassro...
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A wonderful recount of Gintai meeting with K Shanmugam. I welcome this! :-) But I should I be surprised that the minister is unaware of some of these happenings on the ground? Never mind. He took notes, he promised to look into the issues raised. This is better than going those many feedback sessions which got us so fed up, gave up and chose to feedback with our votes.

Good blogging Gintai!

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  1. I suppose super busy Minister K Shanmugam Sc has never managed to find time to read some critical but objective articles in new media,but did manage to find one hour to listen to feedback.I hope that the one hour is well spent.