Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cecilia Sue says she is innocent

Cecilia Sue says she isn't quitting Oracle as she hadn't done anything wrong. I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised going by the law that she is in the end found not to have done anything wrong. So what's my point? Wall Street, in particular Lloyd Blankfein the chief of Goldman Sachs.

Blankfein had went as far as to suggest something I shall never forget: Goldman Sachs was doing God's work!

So how many bankers have gone to jail? Many people who have committed lesser acts but caught as crime under the law (rightly so) have gone to jail or even the gallows. The acts of the bankers have indirectly brought ruin and definitely the deaths of many. If we want an example where the causal link is clearer, Bernie Madoff offers that, and to jail he went never to appear outside except in a casket.

Cecilia, you go and tell Mrs. Ng, what you have done with Ng Boon Gay in secret that there is nothing wrong.

Well all these are private matters so what is my goat here? I fear that society increasingly is only concerned about not flouting the law and give short shrift to both public morals and private ones too.

There is no shame. So many people must be doing it. I wouldn't be surprised that Cecilia circle of friends more than a few are also having that life. It is their choice, who am I to judge? I am dismayed that if their numbers continue to grow what would become of our environment? When do we begin to invoke Edmund Burke and start resisting? And if we are too slow and late in resisting, we might have to flee this place instead.

How did we get here? Intense competition, a narrow definition of success that is built on money and what it can buy; that the ends justify the means, which this government (I shouldn't state what here) have no qualms about conducting diplomacy and business that should set aflame the conscience. Just being pragmatic you know.

We are losing or have lost our moral compass. The Education Minister, a good man is urgently trying to reverse the erosion but in my view is a losing battle because it fails to get to the root. Meanwhile the main religions have gone to worship mammon and success.

So as long as you are successful like Cecilia Sue obviously is; as long as you have not broken the law; you haven't done anything wrong. Go and tell God that when he comes or more likely when you get the chance to account for yourself before him.

I have been too presumptuous. Cecilia might not believe there is a God. Anyway this is a strange world, even those who are God believers, I have watched them figured many ways to drive Him into their holy books and reappear from there sanctioning their moral travesty.

Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.” Revelation 22:11


  1. Well, if you have a $1000 slapped on an elite like Woffles Wu, what can you say about our law here? How about bribery? How about intentional cover-up? How about obstruction of justice? What a bollocks this sin city has become.

  2. For God believers, it is beneficial to listen to David Pawson's teaching on how Greek philosophy influenced education & culture that leads unbiblical thinking & behaviours in today's world. See link

  3. " drive Him into their holy books and reappear from there sanctioning their moral travesty."

    Good one!

  4. what to do... you know we are on the slippery slope when the country's leaders come out to say they need more $$ for their dignity...

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