Monday, June 25, 2012

Bedok Community Library

Spending several hours at the Bedok library was quite an experience. There were many senior citizens and I think their numbers can only grow. Eventually it will be squeeze like the MRT. The library is free, the aircon is good, the place is quiet and tomorrow elderly are educated and so have a natural affinity for books in their retirement. We need more libraries and places to sit and enjoy the books. Well may be I am wide off the mark because a good portion of these books might become ebooks by then. Well this is the big picture. The narrow picture is more memorable.

Some folks fell asleep in the cozy environment. I saw a librarian asking one old man to wake up. The old fellow next to meet, I am afraid to confess he didn't smell good. He was enjoying Lao Fu Zi comics. Another chap behind me eventually fell asleep and started to snore!

Before leaving, I found and checked out Walter Issacson's biography of Einstein. I had been impressed with his book on Steve Jobs.

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