Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thumbs up to Lim Chong Yah

Even as I strongly disagree with his policy prescription, I like the way Prof Lim pressed his point that labor is not cattle! For too long this government has been practicing Social Darwinism on the stealth.

The government by not acknowledging their error here is wasting everyone's time. We do not know if the erosion of support has only make them downshift their gears in Social Darwinism or have they abandoned it.

By mistreating our poorer members with such labor policies all these years, I wonder if they are taking some of us for fools?

Business people face incredible competitive pressure. Many, especially the SMEs will even clutch at straws. If you make labor cheap, which ones would refuse. They have no spare capacity to worry about the economic externalities they cause. If government do not defend the dignity of the needy with appropriate policies (especially enacting minimum wage), the rest of society is not organized to help them holistically; they will suffer deprivation. This is just trying to slowly starve them out of existence in order to upgrade the gene pool of this society. We are inhuman to allow this.



  1. RE: This is just trying to slowly starve them out of existence in order to upgrade the gene pool of this society.

    are you trying to imply that people with less money are not of as high "quality" as those with more money? that they are "lesser" people?

    if so, what makes you believe those with more money are higher up the evolutionary ladder? that they have better genes?

    would you not then be measuring a man's worth by his bank book? this would also be akin to saying that graduate mothers produce brighter children, better people, which we all know is codswallop.

  2. to anon 10.34am,
    you have your heart in the right place except that your points should be directed at LKY and son, that's what the blogger is trying to do.

    it should be noted, LKY thinks training sporeans is similar to training dogs, i.e obedience is at the top of his list and of course LKY believes in improving the gene pool.
    just look at his PAP MPs sitting in parliament...they are suppose to represent the people but i see none doing so, except wagging their tails after being too well fed....that's why prof Lim C Y has had enough...