Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SBS bus hit and killed woman :-(

What was the matter with this driver? Someone living in a HDB flat could hear a loud bang when his lumbering bus hit the poor woman and killed her, and he must be totally deaf to continue driving. Many of us are feeling that the law might not be equitable punishing him. What a senseless, cruel and atrocious act.

I first caught the video on facebook when Ravi posted it. It was just before bedtime and totally disturbing.

There has been so many Chinese nationals making the news for all the tragic reasons in our media lately. What's the matter with them. You estimate the probabilities. Why are they conducting themselves in such harmful and anti-social ways?

But the Chinese in my daughters' schools are quite a different set. One was especially unlucky. She didn't injure anyone but herself was down with dengue once and had a bad accident during a school outing. Well, she kinda of made up for it with 7A1s.

I wonder if we have failed to discriminate who we allow in properly. It is like they are exporting their horrific acts we read about in China's media to our shores.

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  1. A year ago, I hit a PRC old man at a traffic light. I had just turned out of a HDB carpark and was driving very slowly and I saw a old man cycling along the side pathway and then suddenly he turned onto the road at traffic light crossing. The traffic light was green in my favour and I hit his front wheel. It was a very light hit with hardly any damaoge to the bike wheel. The old man fell dramatically to the floor and started groaning in pain and refused to get up. In a instance his daughter and son-in-law appeared and created a big scene and demanded I pay damages to him and for his bike. I do not speak Mandarin and offered to bring him to a nearby clinic in my car but they refused. They wanted money and showed me 1 finger. Thinking its $100 I offered it but realised upon their refusal that they wanted $1000. Luckily a Chinese Singaporean came to my rescue and told them that I was going to call the ambulance and police. The become afraid and agreed to take the $100 but the Singaporeans told them no way. They left in a hurry when they saw a police car approaching. They sure were the lind of talent we need in Singapore