Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ex-principal jailed 9 weeks

Don't want to show his face or remember his name except to remember that he was a high flying school principal who made a terrible mistake before but now many of us believe he is remorseful and wants to start afresh again. He is the polar opposite of former Hougang MP Yaw Shin Leong. (Remember this name)

He may not have been a role model before but he is in the manner he had confessed and asked his wife's forgiveness.

It took me a long time to go beyond what is often offered as the reasons why men stray (women will increasingly too as they close the gap with men). I am not going into the reasons but what is material is that if you as John the Baptist say, "He must increase and I must decrease" You will never betray your wife. That's why King David strayed, his son Solomon even more, but the humble Apostles, daily overwhelmed by the Lord's grace could not even be tempted.

I worry that when we have leaders who are not humble, will increasingly be exposed to more severe temptations as they acquire more status and power. If one have to always resist temptation, it is often not a matter of if but when he succumbs.

The late Dr. Toh Chin Chye, whiter than white was a humble man.

I almost forget to add that it is not that difficult to appear humble too. The hardest thing in the world is judging a person's character. Our track record is abysmal.


  1. why not the underaged prostitute get remanded for her part in this illegal trade?she profited from it,her sex money should be confiscated.u are not telling me she deserve to keep the money?saying so would be akin to acknowleging the trade was legal,which contradicts the verdict against the client.

  2. not punishing the sex seller is akin to patting her in the back n encouraging her to make future gives her more leverage in fact to demand pay from her pimps n clients,else she rats on them n suffers no repercussion.
    selling sex isnt a crime forgivable for a minor,just like violence.forgivable crimes are shoplifting n the such.

  3. Let him who have no sin cast the first stone. He may not be perfect but in many ways i think he is a better role model in confronting his mistakes. After all, who have not erred or strayed. It is more of wither they has been discovered. When found some have run away. Some deny that they have done any wrong. Some try to buy their way out. Some might even try to silence the matter by suing. But he has taken responsibility, paid the price and seek forgiveness. That is courage. May the grace of God be with him in his journey forward.