Sunday, April 29, 2012

Everyone will become a university graduate

The government knows that most parents want their children to be college educated. No amount of persuasion can make them change their minds. It is an Asian Confucian thing. Already many who have gotten their poly diplomas go on to obtain their degrees, often overseas at huge expense to the family.

Instead of foolishly going down the path of Korea or China producing unemployed graduates, they are much wiser to create a meaningful alternative.

I wonder if people would just be happy to be university graduates or would they start comparing where you went to college. I hope not because this could really be the beginning of a more egalitarian society.

I don't think we can raise the status of manual work, but we can certainly transform its status when manual work is only a component of a job which is highly knowledge and skill intensive. The fabric of this society would be transformed as a result.

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