Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Assertive China

China is so far away from the disputed islands. I think what the Chinese want is the control of the waters between Hainan and these islands. They have tremendous strategic importance. It also show the lopsided power relationship between them and the Philippines. Come on, China could even take on Vietnam if she play on the Filippino side. Nothing is going to matter  until they have the US standing with them. Looking farther, at some point Japan will re-militarize. Ships have to pass here on the way to Japan.

Deng told them to rise quietly. I think Chinese generals are showing their hands too quickly. Likely to go badly for them in the end. The disunity in the Chinese government is becoming harder to conceal.

It is a myth which the Americans had helped to promote that historically the Chinese aren't an empire seeking people. My late father well versed in Chinese history and literature destroyed that myth for me. Wang Guanwu was conveniently blind about China. Well you have to be a realist when dealing with this behemoth.

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