Friday, April 20, 2012

16 year old marries 51 year old

Courtney Stodden has us nostalgic for the innocence of Rebecca Black. Like Black, Stodden is a teenager with a really silly video that came out of nowhere and went totally viral. But Stodden's video isn't what made her famous this week. It's her husband, Doug Hutchison, a 51-year-old actor who was i

Wah, the groom is older than me and the bride is younger than my daughter! And did I read that his father in law is four years younger than him? Nothing hits you like this in the face when you put the whole thing against the context of your own life.

Strangely I never feel the impact when a great grandfather marries a teenager. Indeed our minds are unreliable. Dr. Kahneman has many stories to tell on such matters. NatGeo and BBC make them fun to watch.

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