Friday, March 30, 2012

Thumbs up to MOS Tan Chuan Jin

MOS Tan Chuan Jin has no reason to regret. In fact, I think he has every reason to be happy and all of us along with him.

The persistent worry of a democracy is the tyranny of the majority. Approaching governing the way he had done helped to restrain the majority from imposing their will on the rest.

The objective of a good government is to grow the majority within the law and with honesty; not trying to run people's lives but in the background and without articulating it, get each group closer to the time tested Golden Rule.

He has done well. I have been critical of many ministers and I am glad for this opportunity to have positive things to say.


  1. This is the most blatant example of ass kissing, ever.

  2. It is probably worth going back to listen to Mr.Philip Yeo and other wise people of like minds.

    "After the last elections, the ruling People’s Action Party realises that it’s no longer infallible. My greatest fear now is that the Government is terrified of the people. You cannot have a system where the people are pampered.”

    I agree that you cannot have a system where the people are pampered.
    I think the foreign talents are pampered,and that is the way to build the greatest place on this earth,we will exceed New York or London.

    I have two suggestions:
    (1)The government should ensure that only the most brilliant and talented are here:
    (2)The citizens who do not make it should be offered a way out.
    We are talking of getting the best 6 millions out of 7 billions.

  3. I think MOS Tan has done well and we should continue to encourage such behaviour.

  4. He would have done very well if he were still in the Army, using his rank to bulldoze his way through issues. But he would be a total failure in civilian life, where you need to convince people that your decision is right. Look at the Bukit Brown issue - he was avoiding the various interest groups who were trying to engage him in a discussion on the issues ! I don't think he handled the situation well at all.

  5. My comments in his Facebook page on HDB & education were all gone the next day! I am but a citizen, I started out with a lot of faith in this man, with an ignorant attempt to be constructive. I still cannot believe he simply deleted (more correctly censored), all my comments. Says alot about him. Never will I think of this man the same again. Lost all respect.