Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ngiam Tong Dow's March 14th Speech

Transcript of Ngiam Tong Dow's speech made available by

Sharing from experience, I have to agree with him. I recall that I used to complain to some of my colleagues how senior managers are so selfish and their actions are making our lives difficult when we succeed them one day. They spent all their time protecting their turfs, thinking about their golf handicaps and how to make themselves secure and comfortable. No thought for the future of the organization and its young employees at all.  Not even customers. This is especially pernicious among the GLCs and for a while I was working in one.

The leading MNCs are better but they could not preserve their culture against the onslaught of hyper competition. One particular noteworthy casualty was HP. I have quite a few friends from that firm. The HP today is so different from then. The HP way gone away and HP Invent, invents nothing.


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