Sunday, March 11, 2012

New WD hard disc at IT Show

About time to replace my 500 GB WD Elements portable hard disc with a new WD Essential one ($159).

I have been keeping my data on a portable drive. This way if my machine goes down, my data is protected. As a rule I do not use a hard disc in this manner beyond two years. After this service period it becomes an archive disc.

The most important data are family and friends photos. They are irreplaceable if lost.

Wifey got herself one for one these retractable ear phones at IT Show today. I also got the Notebook vendor to replace my cooling pad as the fan wasn't working. The experience didn't inspire confidence. Two new cooling pads he tested also didn't work. Then he disappeared into the room for a very long time and finally showed me one that works. I imagine he must have avoided embarrassment by testing several pads beyond our sight.

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