Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chinese Language Tuition

This is the only subject the kids have tuition.

Received a call from the tutor yesterday that she needed to urgently return to China. Her father is gravely ill. She might be away for as long as a month, and had used this occasion to give me a fuller update of my daughter's progress or lack of. Her elder sister had done well under her mentorship, but this younger girl is just unmotivated to work at it. The tutor believes there will be a moment of turning for the better. I agree. What we do not know is when. Many parents would be worried that it comes too late, but like incubating an egg you can't hurry these things. It is very hard to make it better and very easy to make it worse.

Growing up is about letting go and letting God. And letting go entails more work than engaging it actively. It is one of life's paradoxes.

I am clear where my circle of competence and responsibility lies. Faith triumphs.

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