Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Radio Talk: Comfort Delgro Taxi fares hike

The cab fare structure is an emblem of price confusion. Layer after layer of charges, I am lost. The true reason for my confusion is that I rarely ride cabs. Mostly to and fro the airport, which is not that often.

My take from FM 93.8 regular morning talk show earlier: every cab driver who came on air was against the hike. Comfort Delgro said this fare increase was mainly to serve their drivers. Going by what was aired, the drivers opinion was completely diametrically opposite. I imagine the bad faith between the drivers and the company. Certainly no love lost between them. The only glue that binds them is the legal contract prescribing their relationship. To a man, they believed rental rates will eventually go up. I am think so too.

FM 93.8 invited Comfort Delgro to this morning show, but declined to appear. Speaks volumes their true intentions.

Now all these in my view is plain stupid for the politicians. You can't take it out on Comfort Delgro, commuters will eventually make the PAP pay. Our politicians do not know how to be politicians any more. I can't believe what Cedric Foo said. He suggested this was a free market. Kidding me, it is a monopoly with inelastic demand. The poor will suffer the most from this.

Too many PAP MPs and ministers insult our intelligence. They are such lousy communicators.

Till the next elections, more than a fair share of commuters will take out their anger on the poor taxi drivers.

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