Sunday, December 25, 2011

JCs cut off points

I have tried to look this up via Google too many times. Don't know why I didn't just copy and paste it here earlier. This is one of the key reasons why I have this blog in the first place.

The O levels results should be out around January 8 and we will be consulting this table on which school to apply to.

Here is a poem my daughter had written earlier for the fateful results announcement day.

Now the time has come
And we’re seated in the hall
Waiting for our results
Oh that dreadful call!

I am fidgeting, I am nervous
I know not what to think
All the blissful holidays
Have passed by in a wink

And now we shall see
If our two years of labour
Have in fact
Produced fruits with any flavour

I know what I want
But I know not what I’ll get
And I simply cannot stand
This agonising suspense!

I want to know what I got
But in my fear I also do not
I can’t control my feelings
And feel as though I’m shaking

It’s fine for me to know
And it’s also fine not to know
But it’s this wait before knowing
Which I find so frightening!

So if you’re in charge of this
Please have some pity
And put a swift end
To my fearful misery!

Copyright © 2011 by May Kwek

L1R5 Aggregate Scores (With Bonus Points) of Students Admitted To Junior Colleges In The 2011 Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE)
S/NoJunior CollegeArtsScience/IB
1Anderson JC108
2Anglo-Chinese JC77
3Anglo-Chinese School
4Catholic JC1110
5Hwa Chong Institution33
6Innova JC2020
7Jurong JC1415
8Meridian JC109
9Nanyang JC109
10National JC55
11Pioneer JC1616
12Raffles Institution33
13Serangoon JC1514
14St. Andrew's JC99
15Tampines JC1313
16Temasek JC76
17Victoria JC54
18Yishun JC2020

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