Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Food For Thought" Botanic Gardens new F&B outlet

Finally the former food court is ready for business again. We were too early this morning to try their menu. No loss I guess as I am not terribly excited about it. I would really prefer to see a food court catering to the masses. The place don't need another pricey F&B joint. Indeed the Gardens for the people have gone too up market.

I wonder if the Gardens would one day charge for admission!


  1. Pity we weren't open when you passed by!

    Regarding prices, you'll be happy to know that the new outlet has a new menu with affordable food options. Our local food dishes start from $4.

    We worked really hard the new menu and are anxious to know whether it hits the spot taste-wise and price-wise. So please do give us feedback if you do manage to drop by another day! You can email me at social(at) I'll make sure your comments go to the right people : )

  2. I would like a more afforadable eatery there as well. So true.

  3. I agree with you totally. For a normal Singaporean family, there is really no affordable place to eat in the Botanic Gardens. A hamburger and chips at this new place costs $12 - for a family of 4, that comes up to $48, and that is without even taking drinks! The local dishes seem to be limited to a choice of 2 (and even then that may only be at breakfast time, though I am not 100% sure about this).

    The National Parks Board/Botanic Gardens need to rectify this - after all, part of their objectives must be to encourage ordinary Singaporeans to visit and enjoy the Botanic Gardens. They should not be aiming to maximise revenue by charging high rents for the food outlets, which in turn leads to more expensive food as the costs are passed on to the public. This is so sad - unlike when the Taman Serasi hawker centre was there, providing tasty and cheap food and drinks for all.