Friday, December 2, 2011

Book: Bonhoeffer Biography

What holidays we take that we need another break to recover from?

I finally finished this book while we were on vacation in San Francisco and Monterey.

I found this a thoroughly useful book. This is a rare book of the Christian faith in action. Good that someone finally relooked at Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life. He was much misunderstood but we shouldn't be surprised. It is caused by too many professing Christians living in an unreal world in rich societies who have carved for themselves with their wealth and power zones of safety where they can practice their faith. Of course occasionally their dark secrets are revealed, most times in the extreme their appear cult like but most believers are Sunday Christians.

Bonhoeffer was thrust into our timeline when you cannot afford to be a regular Christian. He lived during Germany Dark Age: the Third Reich. Prayer, devotion to the Word and courage born of faith in God is the substance of his theology. We do well to read his works which will show up our hypocrisy and shortcomings.

The way to live the faith is to engage the real world. I look forward to reading the Bonhoeffer theology.

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