Monday, October 31, 2011

Foreign leaders envy our Government.

You can find this reported by the ST in page A6 today. He was at the CHOGM in Perth.

I don't expect him to tell these foreign leaders that the biggest reason why they can't copy us is very simple. If we transplant our government to their countries, will it work? No. It is the people who support this government that make this place tick, and a growing number of us is telling this government that they are getting their policy mix wrong and some sacred cows have to go too. Since they are so hard of hearing, we have offered them a few more opposition members to help them along.

Dear foreign leaders, if you are inept and corrupt, you are hurting your country. If you are honest and passionate about making a difference to your country and you can't it is your people and any number of self defeating structures which they are tolerating that make it impossible to reproduce our success in your country.

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