Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Car accident

Sigh! My brother had a car accident last night. I wasn't there to see it but he told me he was violently rear-ended by another vehicle. Both parties were insured with Income and so the orange vehicles were dispatched to the scene. The police got involved too since the momentum of his car caused by the other vehicle caused him to crash the road divider.

He told me if the repair costs are too high, the insurance company might opt to pay him off at the car market value instead. I think it is probably futile trying to get the offending driver to pay for this loss. The laws on such matter have never been fair. If anything, they have become worse. It is rigged in favour of the insurance company.

There is only one good rule on the road. Don't get involved in an accident. It doesn't matter who is right. Drive defensively.

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