Friday, July 29, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace: Shuts down on me

:-( Problems with the Galaxy Ace (Prior line inserted for a search test later). This has happened a few times already. By chance, I discover that I can't get the phone to wake up and is forced to press down and hold the on/off switch. Prior to switching it off, I tried calling the Galaxy Ace from a land line. It responded with a ringing tone on the calling phone but my Galaxy Ace was silent when it ought to be ringing too.

To double confirm the problem, I switched off the Galaxy Ace and made a call to it again. This time the telco returned the correct message that the subscriber is unreachable.

Not good. Got to monitor this. Hard to get service if the problem is intermittent.

Recently the phone camera has also freeze up unusually often.

Don't tell me I have to return the phone to factory settings and build up from there again. Wonder if there is an offending app. Phones are getting as unpredictable as PCs.

Update: Found this forum discussing it but this problem is quite intractable. Samsung seems to be ignoring it :-(

Update: Hung sometime in the middle of night (July 31)


  1. I have the same problem too and it has happened to me quite a few times - to think that my galaxy ace is just a month old.

    Actually, the first few days of using it, I already have had such problems. In fact, I just clicked on the power button because while playing wordfeud my phone went to sleep and never woke up. tsk I had to give it cpr but it's not working normally again.

    It's annoying when it suddenly dies on me when I'm in the middle of doing something.

  2. Some people saying that if you upgrade to ginger i will fix this problem.