Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Retiring my car key holder

Just threw this away in the bin: A keyholder from Picard. It was expensive but not to the point that I remember how much it cost me. The nut (on the other side) had finally came off and I can't find it. I have bought a cheapo Perllini ($7.90) to replace it, which was similar to the one I had before. I lost it when I was in Dubai. The car rental company didn't bother to send it back to me. Well that's Dubai, where so often things look good but taste bad.


  1. Key holder is a nice accessory if you are taking care a lot of keys. Putting a sign for every key or memorizing every piece of it will help you not to forget which key is for the lock and which is not.

  2. Choose something that has a large opening and not too deep so you can put your hand in easily to grab the ring.