Saturday, July 16, 2011

Replacing my Adidas Runners

Bought a pair of Adidas Furano 2 this evening at Sports Link @ Hougang Mall.

Discovered that my trusty four year old Adidas is beginning to open at the seams. Better buy a replacement so that "I don't look for the toilet only when I need it"

These new pair of running shoes cost about $81 after discount.

This is the old pair Adidas bought on New Year day which has to be retired. Me wearing it a week to D-day.

Wifey took this pic accidentally while we were walking the railway tracks last week.

What if I recycle the blue laces from the old to the new pair of shoes? What if I buy matching pairs of laces to match my polos? Getting vain ideas!

Update: A few minutes later, I had changed the laces. Sure looks better than before.

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