Saturday, July 30, 2011

Microsoft warns to be careful of the Gmail man.

I just found Microsoft's spoof on Gmail courtesy of Cnet. Guess what? I am going to use even more of Gmail. I am going to encourage more people to switch to Gmail after this! Why on earth do I keep "Blogging for Myself" open but without publishing and promoting it? Because in this new environment privacy has a totally new meaning. The lesson to take away is don't live a life which can be embarrassed about what is private becoming public. Get real.....I am waiting for the Chinese government to learn this big time sometime. That day must come. Just don't know when. The Singapore government is learning this too, albeit not as quickly as some of us might wish.

Of course Microsoft had misrepresented Gmail here. If you bought Microsoft comedian play on Gmail, you just passed the stupid test, i.e., you are stupid and fortunately only temporarily. I once lived in that territory myself. May be I was an early and fast learner but give everyone a chance to get out of there. Democracy, one person one vote needs it. A free society is built on an educated and informed people. Your economic survival depends on your education and skills too. Economic progress will increasingly be circumscribed by how free and responsible your society is.

There is Gmail but there isn't such a thing as a Gmail man until some unlucky time. Then he doesn't appear as a mailman. He and could very well be a She, is likely to be a prosecutor or more likely your spouse, God forbid you have been cheating on.

Microsoft advert against Gmail is an insult to all computer users intelligence and so Fox TV in essence. As entertainment, I thoroughly enjoyed it :-) but will never pay for it. That is the message to send to Rupert Murdoch. .

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