Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michael Burry, the risk avoider

I first came across Michael Burry from Michael Lewis, "The Big Short" which my ex boss highly recommend me to read partly because there was a character that reminded her of me.

This is Mike Burry from Bloomberg series on Risk Takers. It looks risky to outsiders who don't understand. A lot of fools go into the market believing that you only make money because you have assume the risk. They didn't know they were wrongly and badly educated. The financial industry loves this as selling to the clueless is always much easier than to the informed.



  1. After reading the Big Short and viewing and reading many excerpts of Dr. Burry I find him quite a hero in todays world. He didn't create the conditions in which he profitted but did show the world the unethical practices that some work within on wall street.