Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gosh! President Nathan

In ST today: "At the end of the day, it all was for the good of Singapore" If you are right Mr. President, a lot of the more intelligent among us who are critical of the government must be daft. The less smart ones who are in the habit of unthinkingly going along with this government are clueless how smart they are.

I cannot understand why policies that are good for Singapore are bad for Singaporeans. I can understand the brutal and despotic measures of Chin Shi Huang joining up the Great Wall, standardizing the written script, weight and measures were good for the Chinese people. I can understand why NS is good for us.....but the PAP policies in later years, I racked my head over and over again, I fail to understand. Now if we have Tony Tan succeed you, he would be worse than you. All cut from the same cloth, with the same circle of friends and colleagues. All thinking from the same box even if you make a lot of light and noise stirring it very vigorously.

The PAP wasn't populist? Come on. Grow up!

I worry that the PAP will become even more populist coming up with all sorts of excuses to raid the reserves in order to win the next elections. It would help if one of their own, namely Tony Tan becomes President.

Still waiting for Tony Tan to explain to us why and how he would do a better job than the late Ong Teng Cheong.


  1. PAP is not Populist, AT ALL.
    In fact, they try to look populist but is inherently Elitist for the most part.
    But hey, look at Thailand. Even an oxford economist can be rejected by its people. What does that say to you?
    When the govt forgets its people and they can term it as anti-populist, but they know better.

  2. What he meant was pressure other than from the PAP government were considered populist but when granting him and PAP ministers high salary (I and many other Singaporean considered this to be populist) is not.

  3. Non-partisan president?

  4. Don't be unduly agitated.
    He's only urging his elitist comrades in the Ruling Party not to succumbed to populist pressures to do away with the pension for ex-president.

  5. He claimed that he is a silent President. There is a hokkien dialect saying " if you don't talk, people will not call you dumb (unable to speak)".

    Unfortunately he spoke and what came out of it was really DUMB (stupid).

    Is he the President of Singapore? He doesn't know that the populist pressure 1) affordable HDB housing 2) over crowding transportation and 3)high inflation were affecting Singaporean. Oh, I forgot to mention one more populist pressure that is his high salary and of the ministers. Now I know why he said they shouldn't bend.