Sunday, July 3, 2011

Comparing Amazon Kindles

I have wanted to blog this for sometime. I am doing it now, taking a break from "Evil Plans" by Hugh MacLeod before I forget again. I want to discuss which Kindle is best. You can get it as the device, which I got for US$139 last September. You can experience it in other devices too. In my case they are the Windows PC, Notebook, iPad, iPod Touch and my Android phone.

I like it on the PC best because I highlight and annotate a lot. Unfortunately I also do not like to be fixed in one uncomfortable posture, so the iPad is next best compromise. The 3.5 inch displays of the Touch and Phone are what I live with at the malls when the others are shopping and I am waiting. With age catching up with me, it is getting increasingly hard on the eyes. I think a 4 inch display of larger of the new Smart Phones would be neat. I don't know. The Galaxy II doesn't seem to work well enough for my younger brother. He finally bought himself the Kindle and broke it twice.

I like my Kindle reading device too. I would like it even better if I had to sit in planes often., which fortunately I do not. Its batteries last forever. It is the greatest for reading outdoors but who wants to do that in hot and humid Singapore? The text display like paper, there is no eye strain but I never have any problem reading off LCDs. So far so good, but it is the worst device for highlighting and annotating. Yes, the device is also intermittently slow. Often I have to wait a minute for the device to recover from a highlight or note action. The keypad is almost unusable. Nothing beats the touch screen days. As I often read in the night in a darkened room, so the passive display of the Kindle is a liability when I need the aid of external lighting.

Now will the upcoming Tablet from Amazon be the ideal reading device? I am keen to find out.

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