Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bought Aint Office Chair

Ordered this on the 27th and was told it was prepared for delivery the next day. It came this evening. Most unexpected because I didn't want to pay extra for weekend delivery.

The delivery man told me business is red hot! He was in such a hurry.

Paid $48.80 including $4.50 for delivery.

This is functional and the materials is cheap plasticky. Let's see how long it lasts.

GE 2015: PAP Manifesto

From "For Singapore" to "With you, for you, for Singapore"

The PAP must have wondered why after decades of "For Singapore" there is now a need to get to "With you, for you, for Singapore"

The Old Guard were predominantly elites but somehow voters didn't seem to notice or mind. "Elites" is a real liability now and every aspiring politician had to take pains to explain and sell their heartland credentials, and so prove they are not out of touch with the people.

There is nothing wrong with being elite or having an elite class. I have not seen now nor in history any functioning society without a elite class in leadership. It is how the elites conduct themselves and more important their values and motivations which mattered. You can't hide the non-verbal vibes and Singaporeans are hard nosed and not stupid.

So it is "With you, for you" with substance or not at all.

Now the hard work begins. Candidates have to press the flesh and meet as many people as possible. It would be indispensable to be able to connect with listeners emotionally at rallies but that is not the forte of nearly all PAP MPs. You gotta to connect emotionally or you would get voters' support. This time your personal brand is likely to be more important than the party's brand. For a long time we have told you we do not want Yes-men and Yes-women in parliament. They must have understood why Inderjit Singh is so popular eh? But there is no need to imitate Inderjit. Everyone should be himself or herself and show they are "With you and for you" in their personal way, otherwise it is just insincere.

My MP came yesterday and I decided not to see him especially when I was busy tutoring the daughter Physics. I just ignored him when he pressed the door bell. Since it is GE time once more, tomorrow we will call the town council again and see if we can get our broken window fixed. We shall see to what degree they are "with you, for you". The well oiled Singapore machinery is when I do my job well and you do yours well then everything will be well. Right now the overwhelming majority of us are doing our jobs better than you are running our trains. That is when it becomes a big problem.

Now what is the town council number again? I think I shall Google that.

Hock Lam Beef Noodles

First time we tried Hock Lam beef noodles. I might have many times very long ago  as a kid with my parents when they were a humbler enterprise.

It was a good experience. I think we will go back for more.

I think this is superior to pho noodles anytime.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Received first political cartoon

This is the first political comic I receive for GE 2015. If it were 2011 I think it would have been one lampooning the PAP.

This graphic exaggerates way beyond all proportions. Low Thia Khiang will never be PM. It will take a very long time if ever for the WP to be able to form the government here. He would have retired by then. As opposition the WP is useful. Regarding their effort to foster a First World Parliament, I think they failed. They were not able to get the PAP to play ball. Should I blame the PAP then? No, because they didn't promise anything like that. It is up to WP to figure a way to make the PAP give up their bullying tactics and if they were never confident of doing that then they should never have promised. Therefore if the WP can score 20 seats in the house, there will not be any idealistic first world parliament any more but the gloves will come off. They will conveniently forget about first world parliament and just sell to voters to entrench the opposition. To me we entrench nothing except integrity and competence. Everyone has to earn their place. The way to entrench yourself is to perform.

We have elephant memories on some things. Goh did not deliver his Swiss standard of living.

Since enough people do worry if the WP can keep their promises hence the pun in the picture.

The Saudi Panda: Risk of depending solely on oil

Just got this chart off CNBC. This the link to the story.

The Saudis never saw this coming: how the Yanks are able to produce oil at such incredibly low cost and they could even go lower. It is impossible to beat the Americans in a price war.

The economic lesson is that no country can have a bamboo diet like pandas. Only diversified economies are resilient and few economies are diversified. Just look at the Aussies who got rich recently exporting resources to China. When the Chinese stopped buying they suffer violent economic convulsions.

Most people and their leaders are lazy. Typically they do not bother to work hard toward a diversified economy.

Anytime there are bound to be winning and losing sectors in an economy and some sectors are persistently relative losers. Such sectors have a hard time attracting their share of talent. In our case it is the difficulties of attracting more people to do engineering.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

GE2015: I agree with Jack Sim

I like to think Jack Sim or more famously Mr. Toilet spoke for many of us how we voted in GE 2011.

There must be much fewer angry people this time round and this should translate into more votes for the men in spotty white. They will never appear in white with polka dots ever! But to me that is what they are when you think of their many silly statements. They aren't stupid but everyone comes across as that when they are out of touch or missed the context.  Well sometimes the MSM are to be blamed. At least they are not at the level of those ministers from across the Causeway who should be suited as clowns. Truly!

Aging Gracefully

No thanks to the markets, I have been very busy and have no time to blog more seriously.

A friend just left this on her daughter's timeline and I found the YouTube version. Thought it was quite good. Help the younger people get some future perspective i.e., my kids.