Thursday, February 23, 2017

NASA JPL: Make my day!

This is so exciting. It was my brother to brought us the news. We are all Trekkers (or Trekkies)

With such an observable and tangible discovery, it would add much impetus to develop the technology to mount a space mission there. But I think better also keep watching them if assuming there is an advanced civilization there trying to reach us. It would be far harder for them to spot us than us coming across them. Who knows, some other space faring race might have already been there and perhaps colonize these planets and using that star system as a base to launch out. The barrier between them and us is 40 light years. How forbidding is that depends on what you have to travel.

Meanwhile I see Bible theologians who are used to thinking in the box convinced that these are lifeless planet size rocks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Committee of the Future Economy and UPS

There is so much going in my mind and I am not ready yet to blog about the Committee of the Future Economy and Budget 2017. But part of the thinking process is Amazon's surprising physical store effort and this experiment UPS has been conducting in using drones to deliver parcels.

This is a huge topic and our education system is not preparing as well for the future. On the other hand and very fortunate for us, we are most likely among the best prepared as a nation and economy. Where we fall short is when we are benchmarked against the niche best. E.g., Sing Post can do better than most national postal services but what about comparing it against say UPS? Our universities might improve in ranking but to be meaningful the competition is not taken at the college level but the schools and departments within.

Digitization, artificial intelligence and robotics are involved in this UPS effort and also key ideas and thrusts in where the Committee of the Future Economy is taking us.

As for jobs, sometime in the foreseeable future the UPS girl might not be driving the truck but captain all the capabilities of a self driving multi-functional vehicle. What we are seeing in this clip is a baby step toward that future reality.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Future healthcare: Our greatest adversary

To put it bluntly, should we under certain circumstances which is yet to be decided, allow mercy killing or euthanasia?

At some point affordable healthcare will become unaffordable healthcare. How do we ration it?

This issue has the potential to tear our society apart especially when the decision on who gets very expensive medical treatment is decided by the size of your bank account.

I think the government doesn't want to deal with this and all our efforts is focused on studying the problem better.

At the end of the day the greatest threat to our security will not come from outside but inside. Just as the greatest danger to America's and global security as we have seen is the millions of stupid American voters.

Read MMS article.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

How financial markets usually think

Just received this at the chat group of my secondary school classmates. Yep, this the sort of logical thinking that operates in financial markets pretty often!

Drunk most of the time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Received a pre-loved Casio watch

New watch and old watch or more like pre-loved watch. What a positive use of language when it used to just be called USED.

Got this watch from my brother today saving me about $79 if I buy it online. He has gotten himself a replacement, one without hands so that it doesn't block the digital display.

Final payment to NUS

Was paying some other bills online when I noticed this. How nice, this is the final deduction. I hadn't noticed the balance went down by about 5K. That is the thing about GIRO, after a while you forgot what you are paying. Telco bills, which is tiny compared to this I remember vividly because it is not GIRO!

Cheap reading glasses

Only $2.50 or $2.05 each for these reading glasses which you can get at the ABC or Valu$ stores. But 一分钱一分货 and I broke mine this morning from simply trying to put it on. Like my neighbour both of us own several pairs strategically placed around the house for convenience. Fingers crossed this doesn't happen that often.

Update: 12:10 pm

OK, the price is $2.25 or $2.05 if you say bought it at Bedok Town, JCube.