Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ISIS pervert Islam, Kong Hee perverts Christianity

We can tell a tree by its fruits.

We have got from ISIS hatred, murder, theft etc. and the latest is sexual lust. Every evil thing they do they have to clothe it in religious legitimacy. They are children of the Devil who had dressed him up as God in order to be holy, their perversion of holiness that is.

Very unfortunate for our Muslim friends that ISIS misappropriated and abused Islam. They should be in the forefront confronting this threat. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Iran the larger neighbors should march on ISIS and save the innocent Muslims ISIS is killing. Yes, ISIS has been killing more Muslims than any other people

Sadly these Muslim states have lost their moral authority and also do not possess the means to decisively deal with ISIS. In the first place their religious fecklessness created a vacuum filled now by ISIS perversion of Islam. Saudi Arabia the birthplace of Wahhabism was most culpable. Leaders of these Middle Eastern Muslim states ought to all hang their heads in shame especially Iraq erstwhile PM Maliki. Your peoples and us deserve better.

The Americans, Europeans, Russian and Chinese should jointly act against ISIS even as every nation hunt down their sleeper cells within its borders.

Unlike Al Qaeda, ISIS is unrestrained. We can expect more perversions from them to the point it becomes so evil even many evil people cannot bear with it and will refuse to join them. My fear is that this end point is too far away to be meaningful but yes left to their own devices, they have been immorally built into them to self destruct were civilized people fail to act. Nazism and Hitler would have faced its own destructive end too on their own. Fortunately our forebears didn't wait for this to happen and instead took up arms and defeat them.

Closer home Kong Hee is facing judgement in our courts where his perversion of Christianity is daily on public display. For those who still keep faith with him, you can test what he is made of by the fruits he bore. This is not a good tree as it had been bearing counterfeit fruits. Bite into his fruits and see for yourself if it is sweet or bitter. But we can't help you if you are in self denial and insist on calling bitterness sweet. Those who claimed Kong Hee's ministry had been a blessing to them are non specific and unsubstantive about those blessings. To me they are living a lie because they fear the truth and passing off the fake for the real they could hide from the truth. In any society there are people who just want you to tell them lies, sweet loving lies. The first lie we tell ourselves is many of us thought more highly of ourselves than we ought to. Fortunately many do not venture farther than that but that is the germinating point for trouble.

ISIS version of Islam and Kong Hee's brand of Christianity if you care to do the work and understand were simply different branches to the main trunk of evil. Well one takes your life the other your money. True religion is about giving and false religion is about taking.

Update: 2:25pm

Those who perverts religion always start innocently. Often it takes a long time for the founder and purveyors to show their true colors. This happened when the leader is satisfied that he has emotionally captured a large enough following. Like in the CHC case, outsiders can see the misdeeds and distorted doctrine easily even without the benefit of knowing the right doctrine but the lost flock could not. In ISIS case this is really tragic as like the duped have become practically zombies. Often you are forced to destroy than rehabilitate them.

I wrote earlier that true religion is about giving and its impostor is about taking. However they all lure you in by giving but adherents might prefer to call it blessings. Once you are in their net, the giving turn to taking. In this sense it is pretty much like most scams promising big reward but you must first make a small investment. The end story is you are not getting a big reward but suffering a huge loss. It is heart breaking to see the brain washed ask the organization what more can we give. Some misled Muslim women are making their way across the world to ISIS to offer their bodies as sex toys to the jihadists. This is so devastating that I am sure some will kill themselves over this if and when they discover the truth.

It is just convenient for me that Singapore Daily today listed a Facebook post: City Harvest - Why I am no longer here, which is pertinent to the observation I have made about false religion repeatedly. Not an example I like but sufficiently explanatory.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Underdogs in the civil service

This is happening fourth quarter this year. It is happening across many parts of the civil service. I was watching CNA earlier that it has already arrived at IRAS.

Keep doing is and don't give up. Eventually the allure of getting into a top school will weaken. I am not sure how much the attractiveness of those schools would wane as people are often suckers for status.

This is the minister who decided we will  not give national publicity to our top academic scorers but to overcomers. I had supported him wholeheartedly on that. Never mind if I was quite unhappy with his recent speech at HCI gala dinner in RWS.

We all love underdog stories and always will.

It is too difficult even foolhardy to take away the prized trophies of getting into a top school or bagging a prestigious scholarship but we can subvert it by making other trophies and instead of a few lamps we have many lamps until everyone has a lamp they can be proud of. Again never mind if this takes infinite time. Just in a mood for some mathematical thinking.

In fact the best journeys are those that cannot end so that people may learn that the journey is the reward.

SG living under real short term pressures

For me nothing shouts as loudly the short term pressure we face to keep this place going, to have positive GDP growth every year than charts like these. I mean, you can really feel how the numbers might go down and how hard it is to grow them.

And this one is even more intimate. You can walk into any branded shops along Orchard Road look at our current sticker prices disdainfully because we are losing competitiveness.

So even as I press on and off that we really need to think and act long term, I am not unsympathetic to the short term pressure the government face and can appreciate whey the PM and his ministers often talked about balancing the various push and pull.

Nevertheless these aren't good enough excuses for not working for the long term. However this government has become so used and smug at optimizing the short term it is not willing to become sub-optimal for the  long term especially when it has lost the ability to craft a long term objective function to optimize. On the other hand the hard core supporters of Singapore are all long term thinkers because they are always factoring their children and their old age in their analysis. Unfortunately most people cannot work these hard stuff out all on their own. They can recognize a good long term plan though, not something like the population white paper of course.

Retiring my desk clock

I got this at the pasar malam near my brother's place for a few dollars. That was probably about ten years ago and if my memory serves me well it was not long after my mom passed away.

I had often used its temperature reading to decide when to turn on the aircon. Time to get a replacement or may be just a room thermometer eh? These days we have far too many devices telling us the time.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Top schools to remain closed circles

It was only the Education Minister speech to HCI 40th anniversary dinner. It was also a speech not to be taken too seriously, a wishful speech which alumni of the top schools and the government do not want badly enough to rectify. Such closed circles are cozy corners for winners. We don't know and really don't want everyone to be winners but that is not politically correct to say so in public.

So I wished Heng Swee Keat never made this speech. There are so many other topics he could use, why this one when you and the government do not have enough political will or courage to fix? This is yet another credibility losing speech, and this guy could is a potential PM. How can we not feel a little sad for the future of this place?

But this problem will be fixed when it is very late, on pain for losing elections and the solutions will be bad band aid measures. In other words, it will be like what 'good' government elsewhere would do. In future, some of them visiting us will say in private to our leaders, "I thought you had it all sewn up, what happened? Why did you ape us? For a long time we will trying to copy you without success"

What is the hard truth here? I am sorry it had to come from LKY again.

As I understand it from LKY, such closed circles are inevitable and there is nothing you can do about them. If you don't want them then don't even let them happen. We would also have to accept a materially poor society and on top of it we will also have little control over our fate as we get pushed around by others. Politics is the art of the possible.

Unfortunately people cannot think in counterfactuals and the present leaders lack the confidence and courage to even try. Yet on the other hand they foolishly sometimes publicly scold us when they never earned the respect and right to do so. That was really dumb especially coming from the PM. Only Tharman was wise enough to avoid this.

Can we stop these closed circles? Yes, but only very slowly with results achieved over decades, not unlike our bilingual policy. Sadly today's government are actually too short term to think and act by the decades horizon. Long term thinking is increasingly only our branding, it is getting less real every year as the PAP worry more and more about how to win elections.

Yet the Singaporean way to win elections is not to worry too much about them but to do what really matters for the long term. We are probably the only electorate in the world that is smart enough to understand this. If we did not, would we have supported LKY from the beginning? We would have gone Communist.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

If you love something let it go

On my own I wouldn't be led to an article like this in the Washington Post. I got to know this from NYT email: What we are reading.

This is a painful but extraordinarily beautiful love story. It is a story that reminds us to be more humble and open minded to learn what is love and how it is discovered and deepened. As I read this story, it was resonating with me why in death we part as spouses. Marriage ends but the love relationship will never.

In my late teens I learned this from a friend,

If you love something let it go.
If it comes back to you, it is yours to keep.
If it never return, it was never yours before.

The story of Leslie Hilburn and David/Deborah Fabian is also a story of found, lost and partly found. Yes, somethings are lost forever and that is what makes this so poignant.

I wish them well and God willing may what they have lost be replaced which will have to go beyond what they can offer and receive from each other to Him too. If not here, definitely in the hereafter.

If you love, you always love because it isn't the real thing otherwise. Yep, few people know what love is. Even fewer know what really went into John 3:16. Many can recite it, moved hearts with their testimonies but that is often not love.

Bluedio Bluetooth arrives

$19.90 and 9 days later this stuff I ordered for wifey arrived. Unlike most of my eBay purchases this one came via registered mail and in a good box. Pretty pleased with it.

Wifey told me the sound quality was good.