Friday, October 5, 2018

The Autumn signal

I have used them to tell me the change in seasons for my friends living in the northern temperate zone for several years now. I also used to have some from Indiana signaling to me early the seasonal changes from the plantings in her backyard but ever since her old computer broke down I haven't heard from her as often.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Vile Singapore Public Hospitals

Kudos to TTSH for not participating in this duplicity. NUH, SGH and CGH are led by vile hospital administrators. This is going to cost the PAP support, and what for? It is just stupid politics.

I was talking to an old friend whose kids are all doctors and serving in rural areas. Former Singaporeans we have lost, good ones. What we have at home running those three hospitals, I wish they get the boot.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Chen Show Mao: A Scrubby Sunday Story

Saw this first thing in the morning. What I heartening post! We are spoiled until we don't want to be. Many of us are like that. We will come together and do the right thing but not during normal complacent times. May we never lose this in ourselves.

See Chen Show Mao's post.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Trade War: Only needs to sign off

At his last woodstock for capitalism Warren Buffett declared he was confident there would not be a trade war between the US and China. I think it time for him to get ready to eat those words. The craziness of Trump must have appalled the wise man.

Who should I quote? More than a few of his cabinet secretaries have called him a moron or idiot.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt he is reckless and stupid. That was what I came away feeling after just reading the Prologue of Bob Woodward's book, "FEAR".

Trump claims himself a Christian. Now if you go to the Bible he will checked every single test of what a fool is. Full marks!

Time for US leaders to put country before president. You all have sworn an oath to do that. Alas there are some mad advisers especially in trade. There are sucker losers who do not know they are cutting their noses to spite their face to stand behind this buffoon.

Sister cradling sister

Found this picture in Sunday Times yesterday. Shared it with a couple of friends telling them that it reminded me of those times when our elder daughter would sometime cradle her younger infant sister.

She has never bullied her younger sister but have always protected and looked out for her. They are young adults now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Financial Crisis 10 years later

Ten years ago we were living in Dubai and the kids were still young. Today they have become young adults. Ten years ago the world changed for many and this morning I spent some time taking it in with the stuff PBS is putting out to do a stock take of then and now.

I sent the two articles to the family.

Link to the first article: ‘We Have Families Watering Down Soup’: Inside One City America Has Left Behind

and the second story: How Struggling Dayton, Ohio Reveals the Chasm Among American Cities

It's an American story because I think I have seen this before in their history. But they are so bad at knowing where and how they got to be, so they are repeating history. Also structure breeds behavior, in that sense it could not be helped.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Non-Speaker: Telling our own stories without confessing them

First I got this from BookBub which I had no time to look at until this morning.

Then searching on the author I found these a our eLibrary.

and "Chinese Cinderella" which I quickly reviewed the first chapter brought back memories of my mother's childhood. Just like Adeline, her mother also passed away and she had to live unloved with a step mother. She eventually "escape" to live with her late mom's sister. She must have felt unwanted. But it did not stop there and instead brought me back to primary school when during one music lesson the teacher taught us this song which shocked and left an indelible mark on me.

"Nobody's Child" effortlessly reconnected me to an unusual manuscript I read days ago. I think the book is going to be very well received if the writer can market it successfully - you know the trial of a new author. Now as I see how the book had stayed with me in my subconscious instead of fading away, it might even be a best seller if it has the same effect on other readers as well.

Nobody's child was born blind and rejected but a non-speaker would be born deaf mute right? This is a handicap but not as grave as born blind. I think that is how my subconscious must be connecting them except that Non-Speaker is not about that at all. In fact it is worse than nobody's child. It is being nothing.

May K the author told me she has made Chapter 1 available online and a very limited way I am trying to help since this is Blogging for Myself.

Chapter One reads like the equivalent of Adeline Yen's "Chinese Cinderella"

Chapter one reveals May K's unexpectedly imaginative device she used to tell this story by inventing a new relationship between humans and birds. The plot then unfolds in surprising ways.... but in a note to myself earlier, I summarized it as:

In Falconia, your social class is assigned by the birds you can speak to. The lowest of the lowly speak to the humble sparrows, nobles talk to the various birds of prey, the rest of humanity in between. If you can't speak to any bird, you are a non-speaker, a nobody worse than India's Dalits. This is the story of struggle against class, for resilience, courage, friendship and finally between war and peace. It is a story about honour and sacrifice.

That was the macro angle. At the personal level, "Non-Speaker" is about telling the story of how we sometimes feel about ourselves and our hopes without admitting them to others. It can be a metaphorical story for your aspirations and also keeping them private as well. Everyone should find and own their fairy tale and approximate it for reality.