Monday, October 20, 2014

Tracking a Chinese registered article

The last couple of eBay orders came with free shipping but yet the vendor chose to use the more expensive mail registration route. This time I was curious and decided to see what I can learn from the tracking number they gave me. Quite fun!

And the view from Singapore's end looks like this.

Looking forward to replacing my free original Tab S cover with this more versatile one. Samsung paid too much attention to looks and too little to use. This new cover will fix that.

Pope Francis lost to his bishops

In the style of the shallow US media reports, they will surely report that Pope Francis had lost to his bishops. Some might even be so naughty to suggest there was a quiet revolt. Noting could be further from the truth.

We should be worried if the Roman Catholic Church flips like a coin. The process of change is more important that the outcome. If the process is right, the outcome is a good one.

So the Pope will now return to his closet and pray even more, waiting for more bishops to come around.

To me, the bishops and uncountable lower ranked leaders not ready because if they accept the Pope's ideas, they have to give up their longstanding stance. What would they be left with then? Much of their Christianity is their distinctiveness from non Christianity. Standing your ground against such sins help in a perverse way to stay relevant even if it fails the Christian test of inclusiveness and surprising love.

This year Economics Prize and our GLCs

Jean Tirole had done the work decades ago on competition which could have been immensely useful for helping us avoid the manner we privatize and run our state monopolies. Now we have companies like Singtel, SMRT, Mediacorp etc, that basically sucks. All that he feared and warned about had come true for us. There is now no excuse for not knowing how to fix this.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lunch at Rendezvous Restaurant

Lunch at Rendezvous restaurant today. I took a picture of the wall with many photos of their former places. I could recognize some of them when I ate there quite regularly as a pre-schooler.

I also noticed something unusual about this place again which I first caught sight off when we were here in May this year: an unusual number of quite over weight diners. I wonder if they are regulars and if so, I shouldn't be!

They seemed to have gone loose with the Chicken Korma, the gravy wasn't as thick as I last remembered.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Women can have it all

So the BS that women can have it all is finally over. I am writing this to make only one point: the ability of a free information system to nail most hypocrisy and people just can't say the politically correct any more. This doesn't work all the time but the chances improve over time unless the issue dies before the time is up!

Goh Chok Tong's S. Rajaratam Lecture

This is a better and far more useful and important read than the speech and Q&A George Yeo gave at the LKYSPP.

The children are very busy at the moment and I hope they come back sometime to read the full transcript of Goh Chok Tong lecture to the S Raja school.

As for George Yeo he didn't say anything much that is new but he clearly shows that he had grasped and mastered the current ideas of change many others had spoken and published on.

I agree with Bertha Henson that ST dropped the ball on this one. A great pity to let this learning opportunity passed.

Remembering Dr. Richard Teo

I blog about this two years ago but by then Dr. Teo had already passed away.

His greatest impact on others was when he had that few months left. I am glad it was not too late for him.

Two years later, unless we have something like this published in the papers, he is mostly forgotten. You can simply go to YouTube and check up when someone left a comment for his talk to the aspiring dental surgeons.