Monday, September 1, 2014

New Notebook hospitalized at Acer

Bought the daughter a new Notebook on Friday and checked it into Acer hospital on Monday morning.

She lost touch screen capability midway setting the machine up. We tried to solve the problem ourselves without success. Tech confirmed it was a hardware failure, possibly a loose or broken cable.

Just glad the place wasn't busy and we didn't have to wait long for our turn. Now I hope they will message soon to go collect the new Notebook. What is no fun is the time, petrol and the $2.14 parking charge.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Death Valley Moving Rocks

I just joined more than a million folks over the last couple of days wanting to understand how those rocks moved. The mystery has finally been solved.

In another life of course not in Singapore, I imagined myself to be a scientist trying to understand and explain how this world and the universe work. That would have been the trajectory of my life from upper primary school if I were American. But as I grew older I felt the pressure to be more practical minded. I kept the thinking skills but apply them to business problems instead. Perhaps we will create the conditions for the children not yet born to follow their curiosity. I am simply not born at the right time and place. This is true even for my children especially when I get to hear how research at A*Star is managed. It's alright, our responsibility and joy is to serve our purpose and then return to our maker.

Friday, August 29, 2014

ACSI, SMRT, the Silent Majority and the Elites

First there was the predictable elite bashing and then a few disagreeing and explaining ACSI had not only done nothing wrong but was even smart to choose the MRT over buses.

This morning this topic was discussed on FM 93.8. All except one were in agreement with ACSI and SMRT. I thought this was the occasional voice of the SILENT MAJORITY in Singapore.

The silent majority isn't always silent. To me I think they only are because they are mostly busy people with the usual life's priorities to attend to. So busy till they are silent. Count me among them. I don't even care to try to write clearly for those who drop by this blog because there is no time. However you can draw out their voice like the elite bashers just had.

I am not sure if the government think about such matters because it is imperative for them to hear through to the silence of the silent majority. For starters they could try to understand what causes the silence to become vocal. In this instance it was the irrational and petty elite bashing. We aren't naive enough to believe a society without its elites.

A healthy society must have its elites. The healthiest societies have an informal elite class. Let's keep our elites and encourage them to be informal. You know they are informal when they are usually invisible except the moments when they have to lead. If we get it right our elites would be less ostentatious. Some of our old wealth families had it and when the newly rich arrived we lost it. There are many ways to begin. One possibility is for fewer luxury marques irritating us with their noise as they speed along our roads ignoring speed limits and red traffic lights.

So if you have it, don't flaunt it. The time has past when people admire or envy you. The time has come when people begin to disdain and even hate you. What for? And if you think you can relocate to another city, that new home is likely to offer you a worse reception than here. This is a global phenomenon.

Lovely Mid Autumn Lights @ Chinatown

If I didn't get this quick and dirty shot, it would be the fourth year I failed to make a trip here to enjoy the Mid Autumn Festival lights.

This evening on the way back, I purposely took a detour into Chinatown. I was lucky the lights turned red and I was the first car. I hurriedly took many shots.

This year's lights are unusually pretty with its flower theme. Should I make the time to pop by again, walk the streets and get better shots? But I can always go and download some good ones at Flickr etc.,

Second Notebook for the daughter

I had planned to get her two Notebook PCs. One work horse at home and a highly portable one to carry to campus. Her old machine is subjecting her to a slow torture test breaking down a little at a time. I decided it is about time to replace it especially when we can get good deals at COMEX. So we bought her a V5 i5 PC for $999 which comes with second year extended warranty. At Challenger I would have to pay $1099 and another $159 for two years extended warranty.

Here are the two Notebooks. The Acer Switch 10 on top of the Acer V5. 15.6 inch vs 10.1 inch.

The machine below is going out. It had served her well for almost 5 years. I am surprised it lasted so long.

The Switch 10 is at least as fast as this old trusty fellow and the V5 is at least twice as fast.

What? A levels exam timetable

I have forgotten about this A levels exam calendar the daughter pinned to the glass door behind her desk. Just as well it gave me to the opportunity to have a pic of it. This was one terribly demanding exams and she was just glad it was over and even happier a few months later when she got her results.

This is the sort of photos and I have collected many which means little to most people but special to her and us. The older the more more valuable.

A card from Fremont

She has surprised us with a lovely card once more. All the way from Fremont California. She must be more than 90 years old now.

The next time we visit San Francisco we ought to drive over to her convent and pay her a visit! Yes, when we are able to bring the family to Yosemite. I would like to see my former teacher living in San Francisco again too.