Thursday, June 23, 2016

Amazon hong pao

Received this from Amazon early in the morning yesterday a "gift" of $27.99.

Actually Amazon was only the delivery boy and bank. The money came from a class action suit against Apple for manipulating ebook prices. Now I have one year to use this credit.

Sure this isn't exactly a gift but when it wasn't expected, it is as good as one.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rajan leaving RBI

Congress was wise to put him in charge of the RBI. The BJP government did not have the wisdom to keep him for another term at least to finish the job he started. They gave the dumb reason that he isn't Indian enough. The true reason of course is corruption.

In a very competitive world you can only succeed if you do not mind the color of your cat. That was how Deng led China to succeed but the post-Deng leadership in China today seems to be beginning to develop their own self defeating ways as well. This is a much bigger story for another time.

Good luck to India, always so adept at shooting themselves in the foot.

Bloomberg article.

Update: June 23 9.00 am

The vile fellow has a face. Very well educated like many among their elites but too Indian to be good for India.

The greatest enemy of the Indians are themselves such that they often have to leave India to do well. India is fortunate many are willing to come back and contribute but they might regret that move as we saw in the high profile example of Raghuram Rajan.

Monday, June 20, 2016

South China Sea: Playing with the big boys now

Xi Jinping, you have underestimated US resolve and now you must realize you are playing with the big boys now. How are you going to respond to just US naval posturing? You can't but the US will help you save face as long as you do nothing when the UN courts in the Hague deliver their verdict which would likely not favor Chinese unreasonable interests.

You should have listened to Deng and bide your time but you were too impatient and now you have alerted the Eagle. Make love today whilst each side is making preparations for an eventual divorce but I am hoping for till death do us part like it happened to the Soviets.

IT equipment life: Watch the heat

I do not have the resources to be completely scientific about this but my experience seems to indicate that if I can keep my IT equipment cool they last for a very long time. So this morning I bought a simple basket (80 cents), flipped it upside down and rest my new Asus PC on it. When the Cooler Master fan I ordered from eBay arrives the set up would be complete.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lunch at Sin Kee Chicken Rice

This is Sin Kee, no more at Mei Ling St food centre but a coffee shop at Block 40 Holland Drive.  We had lunch there yesterday after failing to get dinner there about two weeks ago because they were sold out - just like they used to before at their former place.

As good as before and unlike previously it is now self service.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Beautiful after the Rain

After raining practically the whole day yesterday, witness the power of water to take the heat away.

It is a beautiful Saturday. :-)

DHL scam: Finally my turn

The DHL scam finally got to me but now with a twist. It is a computer generated voice in EL first and then CL. Press 0 to talk to a real person...with such an automated system imagine how widely and frequently they could reach?

These guys would either be buying or heavily investing in spyware to harvest our phone contacts. This is relatively easy and almost always done unnoticed especially unlike most PC many phones are not as well protected.

After they have mined this for what it is worth they will devise a new story and repeat the cycle. Time to take the fight to them.

It is quite hard to cyber rob the bank, much easier to scam people to withdraw their money and hand it over right? The cost of such operations are low and if you try your luck with enough people, the low conversion rates will still yield a tidy absolute sum. Scammers biggest worry might not be law enforcement but competitors. I am waiting for them to start hunting down and killing each other. You can't enforce territorial rights in cyberspace like they do in the physical world. Unless governments are more proactive this is going to get quite messy.