Friday, February 5, 2016

MWS: Poverty Simulation

I first came across this in TODAY and Mothership picked it up as well.

What do I think? It is not important since I am only blogging for myself.

I think for too many participants this will give them a false sense of knowing what it is like to be poor. Short of living it yourself, great art and literature especially the latter is what transport us into their realm.

Sorry, to me this is mostly gimmick and I applaud some SICC members for calling it out as such albeit with more political correctness.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Benjamin Lim's death: Trust in Police damaged

I wanted to write about this last night but was too upset to find the words. So many thoughts ran through my mind and much of it is best not published. Today I decided I shall write this for my kids. I will pass on my attitude towards the police to them.

I was thirteen years old and only a few months in secondary one and not to familiar with how to get around because primary school was just beside my house. So one day I got lost along Tanglin Road and desperate I flagged down a Police patrol car for help. The two officers were very nice and took me in their car to find the place and sent me there, which was actually nearby.

Sadly over the years especially from around the turn of the century my view of the police worsen over time from my encounters with them, watching how they work and especially from my friends in the press.

I like to think the police officers of my youth would have treated Benjamin Lim with more sense. The police officers rarely made mistakes then, at least from the many occasions I have to complete paperwork with them. My last time engaging with them was totally frustrating. That was in 2010. My dad had just passed away in SGH. I went across the road to the Cantonment Complex to obtain a death certificate which the undertaker needed. To cut a long story short and with the help of computers the two careless officers printed me a death certificate with no serial number. I didn't realize until at 3am in the morning the kindly undertaker explained to me the document was unusable. I had to double back to the Cantonment Complex to get it fixed. On hindsight I should have known better and be more meticulous with their work as by then I had already heard too many bad stories about them. It didn't help that the Police I was told had been starved of officers, i.e., they were generally over worked.

My point to my children is very simple, don't trust the Police too easily. Stand your ground with them regardless, they are not above the law themselves. If you must trust, verify first. If they try to intimidate you record what is going on with your phones. I feared Benjamin's parents might have made the mistake of trusting the Police too much and paid the most tragic price.

The stories in the media on what had happened is noteworthy for much missing information and desperately trying to paint a better picture of the Police. The ball is in their court to show that they are professionals and deserving of the trust I used to have for them.

Update: 4:20 pm

Just spotted and read this, an open letter by Benjamin Lim's father which he submitted to TOC. No surprise such a latter didn't appear in the mainstream media eh?

Link to the letter at TOC.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Reading glasses @ $2.05 each

These reading glasses are incredible value if you buy them from the local distributor Valu$ store. They are only $2.05 each.

I bought my first two at Sim Lim Square for $5 each and I thought they were great value. Now this is reminiscent of buying souvenirs in China. You thought you had great value only to discover you could have gotten a better price.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

NCMP: WP -1 PAP -1

Prima facie there are contradictions but I am not interested. I would very much prefer the PAP to drop this issue. Leave that to us to make up our minds. Don't tell me you are doing this for us because you are not an disinterested party here. Besides I am not convinced that you are white enough in the first place. The more you indulge in such attacks to me you are scoring your own goal.

I resent that you think we are stupid and needed you to flag these things about the WP.

WP must find its way back

I have always felt that the PAP can only be destroyed from within. If you want to beat them there is only one strategy. Wait for them to do themselves in and they were on that path two GEs ago but they woke up from their complacency and mounted a strong comeback in the last year GE.

Unlike the CCP the PAP will always have difficulties testing their MP candidates and minister in the purifying furnace. It didn't help that they think the talent they had spotted are too valuable to risk destroying.  Compared to the competitive politics elsewhere these PAP wannabes are on the easy road. Then one day they become MPs and ministers the burden of testing them fall to us.

Not so for the opposition which face obstacles at every turn. The rejection email Lee Li Lian received was  an example of that. However I don't believe in making it easy for the opposition either because I remember those who can overcome the greatest odds as the unlikely underdog make the best leaders. Obama the unlikely candidate would have been a lesser President if he didn't have the odds stacked against him in the race to the White House.

WP needn't worry, neither us. The worriers should always be the PAP. Given enough time it is human nature that they will become complacent again. When that happens we shall fix them properly but would WP be ready? It is always the people and not another party that will fix the government.

As for WP they look like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. The situation have changed and what did they spend the last few months doing instead of understanding the new realities? If they do not know what is the smart thing to do, at least grasp that the old strategies no longer work.

What WP need are patient patriots more patriotic than the other side because their MPs may never in their careers get the chance to one day take control of parliament. That belongs to another generation. Meanwhile their role model isn't their secretary general but the now retired Chiam See Tong.

Never give up and never leave.

What about strategy? That is very simple, be whiter than white.

Useful accident stats

I find these stats very useful and I hope the new driver in our house take note of them too.

We have stopped going out on Friday evenings since we returned from Dubai and noticed the population had become noticeably larger. We used to take strolls along Orchard Road on Friday evenings when the kids were still in primary school.

Yep, my experience didn't disappoint me. I have often told the new driver that the car park is the riskiest part of her journey.

Men are more reckless? I think given time the ratio will approach closer to one. I just do not know how long it will take.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Local Chinese helping "Soros" short the Yuan

WSJ quoted Jim Rogers well,

Still, Mr. Rogers, a one-time partner of Mr. Soros, says his concern is that China’s slowdown is getting unfair blame for global difficulties, which he says stem from indebted governments in the U.S., Europe and Japan. “I see serious economic problems in the world, worse than we saw in 2008,” said Mr. Rogers, noting that he remains an investor in China’s yuan and listed stocks. “It’s clear these problems didn’t start in China.”

Speculators can succeed at shorting the RMB only because the wealthy and self centered locals have no confidence in the safety of their capital and chose to send their money out of China in a stampede. Speculators are only taking an unstoppable bus full of traitorous locals. If the Chinese government can figure out a way they will definitely severely punish these locals. We all know much of these flight money are not honestly earned.

Look at the data entrails from the previous month. Clearly many Chinese were mis-invoicing to take money out of China. Locals were doing the equivalent of shorting the RMB massively!