Saturday, July 4, 2015

SBG is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

We were having dinner at Alexandra Village when an old friend updated his page that our SBG is now a UNESCO world heritage site. I showed that fact on my phone to everyone around me. What joy for SG50! The folks behind this work terribly hard to help us bag this.

Obama: A significant legacy

Yep, several times in this blog I written about my faith in him and how many have misunderstood him. Vindication has arrived sooner than I expected.

See Vox article.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Burnt Victim: Because she is one of our own

Dr Chew replied, "She is one of our own"

Really admire Dr. Tan Bien Keem and Dr. Chew Khong Yik for quickly helping to bring Megan Loy home for treatment.

And Megan is a good girl. First thing she wrote on the clipboard to her parents, "I am sorry". It wasn't her fault at all but I can imagine what was on her mind.

The emerging Singapore identity: She is one of us

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PM: 10, 25 and 50 years critical challenges

The PM in a speech and Q&A in SMU identified three critical challenges for our future. They have different time frames.

10 years - the economy
25 years - population
50 years - national identity

This is well and good but a recurring thought in my mind as I read was the pressure to get the economy to perform is likely to lead to sacrifices make everywhere else including the challenges from population (25 years) and national identity (50 years).

So satisfy the economy first and the leftovers for everything else. If we do that we will not end well but we if fail to put enough resources in the economy we might under perform. Business life has simply become that tough. When your competitors ignore the longer term consequences and yet in the short term you are under pressure to out compete them, you really have a problem. 

Somehow given their size, resources and geopolitical positions they could throw caution to the win and recover from their irresponsibility. We on the other hand have not such option.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

LGBT: On the side of History

I had suggested that LGBT groups ought to be more patient here with advancing their human rights. They will get less and we will all be quite happy if they push their case too aggressively especially with copycat strategies from the west.

In fact the longest they need to wait is for the under 35 to probably advance another 10 years or so. By then SG society could very well have more than half the population supporting giving more space to LGBT.

This is from ST June 17 edition.

MFA had bothered to put LGBT rights on the radar.

Ever since the SCOTUS voted in favor of legalizing same sex marriage I have been receiving many articles about the coming persecution of Christians. They worry that they might no longer be able to live their beliefs. E.g., ministers might be forced by law to officiate same sex marriages. That is America, I don't think here we are that inflexible or stupid about such matters. I am more worried about absolutist Islam than the Christian response.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

SAF First Woman BG: Two correct and contradictory views

This is excellent and I hope to see more of such. The two comments and the attention both had received are also noteworthy. Superficially they seem to contradict each other but I happen to think they are both correct.

Which perspective is right depends on where you are looking from. So be smart and look not from the right perspective because both are but from the beneficial angle.

If you are placed into the way to go is PLP, you have to get out to there.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

San Francisco: Make the match

I keep losing this pic and so I have decided to keep it here permanently.

Shortly after our 2011 trip to San Francisco I found this picture and sent it to my former teacher living there. We has also visited her too during that trip. She said she would try to locate the place for me. Nice of her.

But later before she could do it, I tried using Google and found this.