Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Very Old Mistral desk fan

Just applying the suction end of the vacuum cleaner to this old fan blade caused it to begin to break up. Time to throw it away. I don't know how long this trusty Mistral has been with us. Could be as long as 20 years because we were already using Mistrals since our time at Pine Grove. We have since switched to KDK which is quieter.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chew Eng Han as conscience for Kong Hee

I read this story in PDF but here is a link to the online version. Earlier I had done two e-paper cuttings from the article.

The defense said the six of them did not materially benefit from their financial deception. I think this is only true because of the manner CAD had chosen to frame the case and prosecute them. Not sure about the five but Kong Hee culpability was clear as day isn't it?

Kong Hee and Ho Yeow Sun didn't live it up with their salaries. They have a very large discretionary account not well known to members except from the most brainwashed for financing their luxurious lifestyles.

Chew Eng Han was clearly unfortunate. I can imagine lots of people would have fallen into this trap but were not chosen.

Comments on Facebook show that this sentiment is widely shared.

Viewing this case holistically from the moral and religious perspective, Kong Hee is guilty as hell. Like my lawyer friend remarked to me yesterday, Kong Hee got off very lightly. With aged parents and two deaf-mute siblings, Kong Hee should have been mindful how much his family needed and depended on him. A most unfilial son.

Update: 10pm

As usual TNP value added is not to be shy about the embarrassing details. Well it actually showed much restraint already but is much more than ST is willing to share. The 17,000 remaining suckers with CHC ought to buy and read TNP for this story! Raffles Institution must have dearly wished they never had someone like Kong Hee as a pupil.

Update: Nov 24 9:15am

Mothership suggested that it is only fair MSM should grant the six leaders from CHC to share their views on this matter.

Well I think it didn't occur to Mothership that perhaps CHC do not want to provide the other side of the story! They are the ones who loved to carry out activities in the dark. Why would they want to bring it out into the light? There is nothing praiseworthy except to their brainwashed flock who had been trained how to interpret evidence.

What is the moderate Muslim?

The moderate Muslim to a non Muslim like me is a moving target because no Muslim see himself as extremist and so they end up accusing each other who practice it differently as extreme, either conservatively or liberally.

I am quite irritated with this issue but I feel I have to spend some time on it after I saw this from an American friend.

The following from LiveLeak supposedly exposed to us non Muslims how a whole congregation of Muslims saw themselves as moderate. To me that is hardly moderate! This was in America.

To non Muslims, as long as Muslims set themselves apart from the broader society they cannot be regarded as moderate as we superficially understand them and prefer to accept them. Socially it is going to get harder and harder to accommodate this version of Islam.

Then I saw and grudgingly spent an hour watching Dr. Bilal Philips explained in Malaysia who is the moderate Muslim. His background is Salafism but he is against the likes of ISIS, Boko Haram etc., but before that I went to familiarize myself with Winston Churchill first hand observation and opinion of Muslim society as he experienced for himself when he was in the Middle East as a young soldier. See the following links (Snopes, The Federalist papers, Wikpedia)

To save time when I return to this post in future, the following words of Churchill is worth recording,

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen; all know how to die; but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.

And enduring Dr. Bilal Philips for an hour indeed helped me to understand a little why Churchill had felt that way.

Here in Singapore I have utmost respect for my Muslim friends but with little understanding of their religion. The quickest way I can access Islam is through my own grasp of Christianity. Among the Christians there are also those who preach a return to the early church as well, i.e., similar to Salafism call to return to the original Islam of 1,400 years ago.

I get a bad feeling that the Salafist juggernaut is almost impossible to resist. How I wish we could put them in a bubble to try and fail just for them to learn it doesn't work. Similarly Christian preachers trying to return the churches to the early Christians era is also an unworkable idea.

Finally when I did quick check on Bilal Philips, I don't think ICA would admit him into Singapore. He styled himself as a moderate Muslim because all good Muslims believe a true Muslim by definition must be moderate! Until a Muslim terrorist begin to attack you, it is hard to tell if such is a true Muslim. Until they had tried and failed in at least an attempted terrorist act, it is hard to identify and watch them.

Update: Nov 24 9:00am

It wasn't that long ago I came across polls suggesting that the majority of Malay Muslims in Malaysia rank religion ahead of bread and butter issues. This morning my daughter alerted me to the Pew Research findings: 1 in 10 Malaysians thought well of Daesh.

Imans like Dr. Bilal Philips whilst not supporting Daesh, Boko Haram or Al Qaeda nevertheless prepare enough Muslims to be more easily influenced by extremist and violent interpretations of Islam.

Now I understand the extremist ideology better. Wahhabism came and told nominal Muslims that they were believing and practicing Islam wrong. Many of the Muslims they reached knew next to nothing of the Quran. As such they were easy pickings. If they were already well taught it would have been different. Wahhabi ideas will immediately faced challenge. Now you want to teach them other interpretations of the faith, it is going to be very hard.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Which diet plan works

Finally the science is starting to confirm my hunch all along. The diet to control weight is personal. Truly one man's meat is another's poison here.

There is one strategy that would work most of the time and you would know quickly to adjust if it didn't: don't eat till you are full. If this doesn't work, change the diet.

Sure stress can also complicate a person's diet plan with an additional variable which makes it very confusing what works for you.

In the end it is best to learn to listen to your body but it is also terribly hard to explain how to do it. I once had a frozen shoulder and I massaged myself out of the problem. A similarly afflicted friend when to see the orthopedic surgeon which recommended surgery. He refused and finally chanced upon trigger point therapy. It worked for him.

To listen to your body successfully you need to achieve the right balance between confidence and fear. That is the starting point of listening objectively. Most people lean one way or the other and so failed to get this right.

The fact that the one size fit all diet plan has turned out to be the holy grail of managing weigh should have hinted long ago that everyone needs a custom solution right? But it is always so hard to get people thinking outside of the trench they had already fallen into long ago.

BreadTalk serves Sucker's Test

BreadTalk never apologized for its serial deceptions. Repeatedly adding insults to injuries have led to a stinking brand name which customers have avoided in droves for many lesser known bakeries.

Now BreadTalk is staging a comeback. Its character has not changed, only the clothings have. If you are still a customer you are going to pay for their new look and do but what is the benefits to you? I am going to Baker Talent and others. Stick wth BreadTalk and wait to discover how they are again taking you for a ride because its true character must eventually surface again.

Where is your apology Mr. Quek? But alas the time for that had come and gone.

Update: Nov 22 10:10am

I am hopeful that many will not fall for this Bread Talk scam. If what Y.P. Lim said about his prices are through then I think Mr. Quek had lost touch with his customers completely because his bakery chain is clearly positioned to reach most wage earners here. At this time with cost of living rising rapidly, people are sensitive to prices.

Kong Hee was hoping for a hefty fine

I think no sentence is short enough unless it is a hefty fine. Then CHC members would be happy to cough up the money. He is used to publicly praying but privately using money to solve problems. It is a big problem when the judge says No.

In fact Justice See is already merciful with his judgement. Remember the prosecution had asked for 12 years. Many people were even thinking the prosecutor was asking for too little. I am not a lawyer but I know there are rules about such matters.

Well Kong Hee shouldn't be feeling so sad if he is convinced he is going to prison for Jesus right? In many places, Christians don't even get the chance to go to jail. As near by as Indonesia some are lynched or burned to death. They consider it fortunate if only their homes were razed to the ground and escape with their lives. The problem here I feel is that Kong Hee was all along making use of Christianity to satisfy his ego. It was hard to imagine he was ever a believer because no Christian would try to embarrass Jesus as he had. Remember you aren't so much judged by CHC members as the public. With his wife in charge CHC is totally discredited, there is no need to Crossover.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Christianity here: The Fallout from CHC

Well that is quoting one of CHC members and there are thousands of them like Mr Lew. This is worrying isn't it? Yet those who know are not surprised. Such brain washing happen to all religions. It is particularly severe and dangerous with Islam at the moment when you see where Whahhabism has taken some of them, and by some we are talking millions since the religion has more than a billion believers.

It is time to forget about the CHC leaders, focus on its remaining members instead.

"...because I believe in what God is doing in our church."

Many of us outside CHC would think Mr. Lew is deluded and the few thousands with him. However my other worry pales in comparison to the many Mr. Lews. I am more disturbed by the local Christian leaders here. Why don't I see them publicly disapproving of what Kong Hee and his gang had done? Don't they realize this is going to turn off and away so many from the faith? I think their priorities are warped. The result is we will have many Christians who eventually give up on going to church. Alas, they are more enthusiastic and energetic attacking LGBTs than cleaning their own house.

Non Christians reading this should be careful not to be conned into becoming believers for the wrong reasons. Know what you are believing. The presentation of the Gospel must be transparent and honest. No China Wine subterfuge. There must be the confession and repentance of sins instead of God offering forgiveness up front without the prior step.

It is impossible to tell the saved from the unsaved in churches these days. In general people will not find Jesus in our churches. What a mess we are in. I think Kong Hee was never a believer. As such he cannot show you how to be one in the way God will accept. In my mind's eye I spot that sacrilegious China Wine again.

It will be a healthy sign if CHC membership continues to shrink because Ho Yeow Sun is the simply the next con after Kong Hee. This sort of religious influence in our society is a cancer and I wonder if there are any secular excuse we can use to fix this. We are not letting deviant Islam get away and that should inform us to nip deviant Christianity in the bud as well.