Monday, May 4, 2015

MDA unplugged TRS before we could

Pity the MDA beat us to finish you off TRS. I would have loved for this experiment to continue. It was a good opportunity for us to be educated in real time how irresponsible you were, to see readership rise and then fall as more people hate you for your real colors; to watch how you collect more and more rope to hang yourself.

On the other hand the regulator would hate to see self regulation. Every day they don't act against you is another nervous day for them. Every day they ask if they are doing their job. In fact higher ups probably had to restrain them to make you becoming unreal.

Yet on the other hand our financial regulator are not regulating enough because they have become promoters.

This place is getting curiouser. Keep this up and you are going to confuse people and foreign investors. This is the result of smart people running the show without compensating wisdom. Sadly I didn't know how to explain it quickly and succinctly without using a technical metaphor.

Really you have to explain why the policies are wise more than smart. Smart is too difficult for most but everyone can appreciate wisdom. In that way you reach out to as many as possible.

Really, the Real Singapore was so unREAL.

So it is not real anymore.


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    1. Thanks Luke but I am only keen to read what happened during the session than to be there, much less get involved.