Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tan Cheng Bock on the Pioneer Generation

The good Dr. Tan Cheng Bock articulated my thoughts on this matter completely. How I wished he shared them with us in the capacity of President. What he had said complemented Tharman's budget speech perfectly in Parliament yesterday.

The President has tremendous soft power at his disposal which the incumbent Tony Tan do not have the right heart, personality and skill to use. He only knows how to use hard power. In fact, I think Tony Tan is the worst President we ever had and I hope he would choose to step down when his term ends as he is likely to suffer a humiliating defeat otherwise.

My kids call Dr Tony Tan the rabbit President. Clearly they don't take him seriously. As for me, he is superfluous. Among my friends, many of us think he looks like the KFC man. Fortunately for him none of us are the types who would get invited to tea with him at the Istana.

So what had good doc done right this time? He has given us the words that helps us bind ourselves into a common thread. This is the first and most important job of a President. Queen Elizabeth does this regularly with distinction for decades. No American President could survive without performing this role on top of his often contradictory political duties and short term pressure. Meanwhile Tony Tan could not even give good sound bites for the media to use with the many opportunities open to him. Tony Tan is failing to connect and for that he deserves a fail grade.


  1. actually it is lucky for us we do not get invitations to tea at the Istana. It is not something you can turn down.

  2. It is interesting to watch Pope Francis' video played before thee Penetecostal Conference two days back. The Pope spoke in English and he delivered a very heartfelt message of reconciliation with those who broke from the catholic church since the time of Luther. ( I am not sure any of our own secular or religious (apostle) leaders would ever make such effort - it all starts with a small step and sadly, many do not even want to take that small step

  3. as to how the pope's video comes about, romereports tells us

  4. To Anonymous @ 1.30 p.m. - why not? I for one would turn down such an invitation. I have no respect for a President whose son did not serve NS (serving in a civilian unit doing research in his own career field does not count). Many people's sons have lost their lives or have been severely injured while serving NS for real.

  5. It's a real joke that PAP can't even honour a simple invitation to one of their own Pioneer leaders. Talk about honouring a whole generation of pioneers, there must be something fishy behind the moves.

    PAP is not known to be both cunning & calculative for notjing!

  6. It came very late. Such PGP should have been implmeneted 10 years ago.
    Singaporeans have to thank all these measures due to the presence of opposition in parliament, without them all these packages to help the poor could never have happened.