Monday, August 23, 2010

Many friends suffering

Too many of my friends are suffering.

1. Mother in hospital for the fourth time this year.

2. Another friend's mother was found forty eight hours after she had fallen, very dehydrated, bleeding at the mouth, practically on her last gasps of breath. A horrifying emergency and on life saving dialysis now.

3. Nephew was a victim of a hit and run accident. Five emergency ops done and not out of the woods. The damn driver got away.

4. A distant relation, only in her twenties and planning to be married next year. Suffered a shock spinal stroke, which is extremely rare. Now lost any sensation below the hip. I remember I took her when she was a small kid and some of her sisters to shop for computers years ago.

5. An old friend's daughter in her late thirties or early forties also suffered a stroke. Not much younger than me.

All these happen within the month of my writing this. :(

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