Monday, October 12, 2009

What happened Ghim Moh Primary School

The school have joined with other schools into New Town Primary School at Tanglin Halt in a larger building which used to be Tanglin Primary School. Ghim Moh Primary has been converted into the Singapore Chinese Language Centre.

Naturally they have also given the place a Chinese look.

The former school canteen is now a restaurant, good prices and open to the public too. Most items on the menu will gradually be made available. Yes, the place is new.

Air-conditioned sitting with fake bamboos and cheap Chinese Calligraphy. One read "马到功成". Cheekily I wondered if we would eventually get to see grafitti beside it with "赌马赚钱".

You can see the reception area in the distance.

They hung this outside the school.


  1. Hi, is the restaurant still open to public now?