Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mahathir - Putting in his own people

He is putting in his own people so that when he has to step down as PM, he will still have the influence needed to get the new PM to do his bidding. This is also what a reitring general secretary of the CCP does as well to assert his will.

It is always the same as old as the hills trick. Using words to mislead people, twisting words to mean different things and taking advantage of their wrong understanding. Every dishonest politician make this as a matter of habit and honest ones try their best to avoid.

Mahathir self delusion is that his agenda is Malaysia's agenda. From that he can no longer separate the two and cannot change. Best for Malaysia to just make use and then get rid of him in a hurry. Among those who understand this best are the rulers.

Unlike the past, Mahathir is the devil we know and age will rid him for us but there is no telling there would not be another Mahathir like character some day. I never imagine the Trump in America today would be the last either. All these are matters only of when. We need to survive them all.

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