Monday, July 9, 2018

Forget about passion, start with being curious

It is just fortunate that most kids do not know what their passions are other than play, which pull they have to develop the discipline not to succumb to temptation.

My children wonder if they have strong passion about anything at all. Sure they find some things more interesting than others and spend more time with those. Overall I have always encouraged them to be curious, to have many questions and try to find answers to as many of them as possible.

Then I told them you can't discover your passion by thinking or even sitting under a tree and meditate. Your best chance of identifying your passion is to live fully, be adventurous and always stay curious by being eager to learn and wondering how all the pieces of your discoveries fit together.

Next learn to be competent in as many things as possible and if you discover that you master certain things more easily than others, focus on those even if at the expense of others. Your passion might be hidden there. If not, at least you are likely to be well paid for it because you are beating most people at it.

Leave passion alone by finding meaning in what you do. There is a good chance that you will get both, if not keep looking for more meaningful things to do especially in those which you can increase your competencies in.

You are likely to find your passion not upon discovery but looking back. For many it is just a matter of time they realize their family and close friends are what they are passionate about.

In the end it is about people and everything else is just the means for that.

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