Saturday, July 21, 2018

Cyber warfare against us: Offence is the best Defense

This could never appear in our media but in cyber warfare offence is the best defense after we have further strengthened our defenses. The most important objective after the attacker have gotten what they wanted is to cover their tracks in order to avoid retaliation.You never provide others with a justification for attacking you.

In cyber warfare if you attack others you better be sure you are very strong and they are afraid to attack you. There are far fewer such countries than there are fingers in a hand. Now even if you are a very hard target, the retaliating country only need to keep up with watching you for the opportunity to hit you. I think when you pick small nations like Israel or us to attack, you are making a big mistake. We are the sort who will give you a memorable experience because that would discourage you from trying again which is what we want. We are not some developing country with limited capabilities living in fear where lying low the be best defense against attack.


  1. I hope you are right and that day of reckoning come soon for the culprit!

    1. It never ends but strong deterrence helps.