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Trump: Early results of governing by prejudice and gut feel

Should I even have this blog post? I know there will be no lack of opportunities to write something like this because Trump as a leader is an idiot. His compass is his prejudice and his brains is in his gut and according to many other sources his gonads.

It is getting late but this is so upsetting and I am not even American.

I quote from the article.

Brandon Friedman, who worked with Mr. Darweesh as an infantry lieutenant with the 101st Airborne, praised Mr. Darweesh’s work. “This is a guy that this country owes a debt of gratitude to,” Mr. Friedman said. “There are not many Americans who have done as much for this country as he has. He’s put himself on the line. He’s put his family on the line to help U.S. soldiers in combat, and it is astonishing to me that this country would suddenly not allow people like that in.”

Mr. Friedman, who is the chief executive of the McPherson Square Group, a communications firm in Washington, added, “We have a moral obligation to protect and repay these people who risked their lives for U.S. troops.”

He also said he feared for America’s military. “This not only endangers troops in the future, it endangers troops who are in combat now in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, wherever, “Mr. Friedman said. “If those interpreters and those fixers hear that the United States is not going to protect them, then they don’t have any incentive to work with U.S. troops, and there’s no way that we can operate without their support and assistance.”

“He is a brave individual, and he cares about Iraq and he cares about the U.S.,” he said of Mr. Darweesh.

Who is Darweesh? He worked for the US government for ten years. Even if you don't care for him which you should, you must care for your troops risking their lives in America's stupid wars started by Bush. 

Trump doesn't understand what he is doing isn't it? He is also prepared to terminate Obamacare without a ready replacement which will cause millions to lose their health insurance. 

America will increasingly be ran like a third world government in everything Trump touches. If it doesn't some people are valiantly trying to hold the fort to avoid embarrassing the USA. As there aren't enough such types around, we can expect lots of screw ups from the US going forward. 

I am not bothering to share my comment on the very childish public spat between Trump and Mexico's president. Such a low class act.

May not be a good idea for him to visit Singapore. What if he said America is getting a raw deal with us because we are doing so much better than them. He might think we are secretly screwing America because his narrow minded idea of America First is well in a deal America must come out on top! We are not dealing with a normal leader when he still believes the US military ought to have seized Iraq's oilfields. This an Ah Beng or stupid Redneck whose instinct is to bully his way to what he wants.

Update: Jan 29 8:45 am

The same link to the NYT article now tells a fuller story than the one I read last night. The passage I quoted from it has been replaced with more stories of affected immigrants and arrivals at US airports. What was lost is now a photo of Mr Darweesh

and now as told by NYT

Shortly after noon on Saturday, Hameed Khalid Darweesh, the interpreter who worked on behalf of the United States government in Iraq, was released. After nearly 19 hours of detention, Mr. Darweesh began to cry as he spoke to reporters, putting his hands behind his back and miming handcuffs.
What I do for this country? They put the cuffs on,” Mr. Darweesh said. “You know how many soldiers I touch by this hand?

Good luck to you Mr. Trump and this is only the beginning. You incompetent fool.

Update: Jan 29 9:20 am

That is from one of my FB friend. It is good to hear the other side especially after calling Trump an idiot and a fool. The genius of Trump as opined in Foxnews.

Always remember it is extremely rare to have someone who is both good at gaining power and governing well afterward. I was once worried the silver tongue Obama would be like that. To excel at both like LKY is extremely rare. If a US president runs the show like on the campaign trail doesn't that remind you of Mao? Trump is probably the first to do so.

Conquer on horseback but rule on a throne; campaign in poetry but govern in prose!

Update: Jan 29 8:20 pm

When I chose Darweesh to focus on, I did not know he will end up featuring so prominently.

Curiously nobody is able to easily find out why he has been released. This was gaining a lot of negative publicity rapidly for Trump and perhaps someone from the White House called to let him go, The Federal judge only ruled that these immigrants must not be sent back i.e., they would remain in detention.

Update: Jan 30 9:50 am

Partly reversed. That is what happens when you shoot from the hip. You learn by mistake at others and your expense. That is how third world governments rule and Trump has a third world mindset toward government which he does not even know. To him he is trying to run it efficiently like a fast moving business, which is totally inappropriate for even small states, what more a super power which when it adjusts course sends ripples around the world.

But this is not a bad idea for those who feel it is impossible for him to succeed because a leopard cannot change its spots. Better to fail fast and furious then be tortured slowly by him. If you cannot make things better at least don't make it worse. 

Update: Feb 2 12:25 pm

Got this from my daughter.

Just as I feared (read article) and judged him to be! Scumbag. 

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  1. Trump is a person who believes in everything for me ( now the US) , and as little as possible for you. You are right, not a good idea to have him here. Stay out of his sight as much as possible and await his downfall. You're right, if he comes here and sees how well we are doing, he will assume American money and protection made all this possible. He will want that money back. I I have heard an American say something like this already. This is a truly awful guy.